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According to the latest market research report "2016-2022 global laser processing market forecast" shows that by 2022, the global laser processing market is expected to reach 9.75 billion US dollars, 6 years to achieve the compound annual growth rate of 6. 13%. During the forecast period, the Asia-Pacific region will occupy the largest share of the global 30mw laser pointer processing market. With the new application and automation process to speed up, China, Japan and South Korea will become the most important laser application market.
In 2016, the laser industry presents fiber lasers, picoseconds, femtosecond and other ultra-fast laser technology, and UV laser processing as a bright spot for the development trend. Laser precision microfabrication is gaining more and more applications in new energy, information technology, biomedicine, new materials, electronics and aerospace industries, including precision drilling, engraving, grooving, surface texturing, surface modification , Internal modification, dressing, cleaning, material manufacturing and other processes. In addition, the concept of intelligent manufacturing, new energy and other concepts for the laser to provide a good environment for development.
It is reported that the 200mw green laser cutting machine market in the 2016-2020 compound annual growth rate will reach 8.91%. High-power laser cutting equipment can be a very high precision processing of a wide range of materials, whether it is steel, aluminum or plastic. Its versatility allows manufacturers to flexibly cut materials and create products and components with complex geometries. In the past few decades, the laser cutting industry has undergone a series of changes, including the improvement of the quality and thickness of the cutting material, the improvement of the machine power and efficiency, so that today's laser cutting machine to a higher speed, Excellent quality of the automotive, aerospace, health care, plastics, electrical and electronics, textiles, carpentry, including countless parts and components of efficient processing.
Laser cutting machine technology and the rapid development of advanced equipment in the medical industry has also been more and more applications. In addition, the product in the metal processing share has always come outnest, can be super-finishing process to create excellent quality metal parts: whether it is precision cutting thermoformed film, or to build the body and car tube with complex design and dimensions Of the special parts. Today, the traditional cutting machine is being replaced by excellent beam quality and high degree of automation of burning lasers for sale cutting equipment.
At the same time, thanks to the domestic fiber lasers, control systems, processing head and laser cutting machine machine integrated in the field of technology and cost of progress, 2016, used in sheet metal processing market, the number of laser cutting machine has basically doubled. These advances have also accelerated the original to punch, shearing machine as the main body of the traditional production process to laser processing conversion.
The steady growth of the automotive industry is one of the central factors driving the global laser cutting machine market. Over the past few years, China and India and other Asian countries, a substantial increase in automobile production capacity. While the recent rapid development of industrial fiber lasers and disc lasers has also brought significant technological transformation to traditional solid-state laser processing. During the forecast period, such lasers will become the mainstream of the global laser cutting machine market.
At present, the growth of demand in the industrial sector has driven the development of high-power lasers on a global scale. strongest laser pointer industrial applications can be divided into macro processing and micro-processing. Macro processing includes cutting, welding and marking applications. Micro-processing mainly includes semiconductor, printed circuit boards, flat panel displays and solar cells and other production areas. In recent years, innovation in the design and manufacturing process of laser diodes has created more benefits for the cost and reliability of high-power laser systems. Compact size, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low power consumption of laser demand soared. At the same time, with the semiconductor laser materials and installation technology improvements, semiconductor laser market is expected in the cutting and welding materials processing areas will continue to expand. In addition, the innovative optical combination program will also provide additives for the high power laser market.

According to a new report released by Grand View Research, by 2024, the global semiconductor laser market is expected to reach 9.52 billion US dollars. Among them, high-power semiconductor lasers and optical fiber laser is to lead the market two core products. From a regional perspective, Asia-Pacific markets such as China, Korea and Taiwan will experience tremendous growth in high-power laser demand, based on the rapid expansion of their manufacturing industry. And large-scale semiconductor industry for 300mw green laser micro-processing to create more development space. In addition, high-power lasers are witnessing growing demand in aerospace, defense, automotive and medical applications in Europe and North America.

According to a new report released by Allied Market Research, by 2022, the global fiber laser market is expected to grow from $ 14.43 billion in 2015 to $ 31.33 billion, and the compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2022 is 11.7%. In 2015, fiber lasers accounted for 31% of the global laser market revenue, is expected to reach 39% by 2020. With the ever-deepening of the value proposition of fiber lasers, the market demand for traditional CO2 and solid-state lasers will decline.

At present, the growth of demand in the industrial sector has driven the development of high-power lasers on a global scale. Technological advances, environmental protection and the realization of high beam quality at lower cost and other factors to drive the development of the market, to promote fiber 100mw laser pointer systems become marking and cutting applications attractive choice. The advent of ultrafast and multi-core fiber lasers and the continued growth of fiber lasers in micro-cutting, 3D micro-milling, blind hole processing, optical pumping, scribing, surface treatment and micro-applications drives the global market expansion. Fiber laser solutions that are easy to automate and save energy are increasingly replacing traditional methods for mechanical marking, such as chemical etching and ink printing.




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Global Laser Industry Usher in
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