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Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, high power laser pointer cutting technology, the practical level is also rising. Metal laser cutting machine in addition to widely used in sheet metal processing, hardware cabinets, elevator processing, hotel metal products and other industries, and now also began to apply to the furniture industry, the superb cutting and hollowing into the original sluggish metal material, Lighting a new starting point for modern metal furniture design!
Due to the difficulty of metal processing, resulting in the past, the price of metal furniture is very expensive. The metal laser processing with arbitrary graphics, size and depth of the adjustment of random, high precision, fast, smooth incision without burrs, automatic layout of the provincial materials, no mold consumption and other advantages, to solve the metal processing encountered a variety of problems. In addition, the furniture market products are now homogenization of serious, in the pursuit of individual age, mass production methods have been far from being able to meet the diverse needs of modern society. however. Compared with the traditional processing methods, at the same cost, the same output, the burning laser pointer cutting machine is able to provide more types of furniture products, while ensuring the accuracy of processing, furniture products to achieve diversification and versatility.
Most of the furniture products need to use metal pipe and sheet metal processing, therefore, in order to meet the processing needs of the furniture market, developed a different format of metal sheet laser cutting machine and metal tube plate laser cutting machine for customers to choose, to meet the metal furniture Pipe cutting, cutting, hollow, and other processing technology. Allowing customers to maximize production efficiency, reduce costs, and find a new starting point for modern furniture design!
With the vigorous development of China's power industry, industrial and mining enterprises electrification and power consumption continues to improve, a variety of transformers are increasingly widely used. In the course of operation, the transformer oil may produce fault characteristics of gas. Acetylene as one of the fault characteristics of the transformer oil, is the transformer internal fault category and severity of the important signs. Therefore, accurate and rapid monitoring of the concentration of acetylene gas to ensure the safety of production and life is of great significance. With the development of red laser pointer spectroscopy, tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy and laser photoacoustic spectroscopy have been widely studied and applied.
In order to detect acetylene gas, it is necessary to study the infrared absorption characteristics of acetylene in the near infrared band and the mid-infrared band. In the early years, the major scientific research institutes have been widely used in the near infrared field. Acetylene 1532nm absorption peak for spectral sensing technology, but the absorption peak of acetylene near infrared absorption intensity is too weak, and vulnerable to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and hydrocarbon interference, so the test results have been unsatisfactory, on the one hand is not accurate , On the other hand the need for pretreatment, resulting in a large delay. The new generation of laser spectroscopy using acetylene at 3030nm absorption peak, the use of new technology ICL 5mw green laser, making without pretreatment, no interference without delay of a new generation of laser spectroscopy technology can be achieved. Acetylene at 3030nm absorption peak intensity than the near infrared band is nearly ten thousand times stronger, and can completely avoid carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and hydrocarbon interference, which makes the pretreatment system can be completely removed to achieve true transient detection!
At present, the most promising work is based on nanowire photon integrated circuits, they will use a variety of different nanowires to achieve different functions, such as laser, photon detection and silicon photonic integrated circuit switches and so on. Turning to the laser, the next goal is to integrate nanowire 1mw laser pointer with input or output waveguides. While this integration has always been a difficult task for nanowire-based devices, we expect it to be easier on our platform because the photonic crystal platform has inherent advantages in terms of waveguide connectivity.

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Metal Laser Cutting Machine
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