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The World's Smallest Woman

Despite everything she always puts on a smile, and aspires to be a big Bollywood Star. Check out the The World's Smallest Woman and inspire yourself.

Hey I have a very unique information to share. I was scared to see the world’s tinniest girl but the most unique fact is that she is happy for being so small. She says she is not scared at all and is happy for the attention she gets from all for this small size.

Name: Jyoti

Age: 17 years

Height: 1 ft and 11 inches (58 cm)

Weight: 11 lbs (5 Kg)

Jyoti belongs to a family of two sisters, one brother and parents. Here is information about her family:

Sister Rupali: 18 years old

Sister Archana: 23 Years Old

Brother: Satish, 22 Years Old

Mother: Ranjana Amge, 45 Years Old

Father: Kishan, 52 Years Old

Jyoti is smaller than the average two-year-old child. Doctors say she has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia and she will not get taller than her current height in future.

She wears dresses and jewelry made specially for her. She has a tiny bed of her own and uses special plates and cutlery to eat. Despite of her smaller size, she says that she is happy with her smaller size.

She is going to a regular school in Nagpur, Central India where she is given her own small desk and chair. She is happy because her classmates deal her like other normal students. Jyoti has her own mini grey uniform and school bag. She looks just like a doll among other teenage class fellows.

She says:

“When I was three I realized that I was different to rest of the kids” she said:

“I thought that everyone was bigger and I should get bigger too”.

She says there are many people in the world that are dwarfs like me. She says I am same just as other people. I eat like you and dream like you. I don’t feel any difference and don’t want to be treated differently.

World's smallest girl Jyoti wants to be an actress. Despite her tinniest size, she wants to live a normal life. She says, “When I first went to school everyone was so big I used to get scared but I am ok now. I like it. I have a different desk and chair that were specially designed for me. I’m a normal student. She works from her custom made chair and table but her pen and books are still too big for her.

During her first five years of life, she feel constantly sick but eventually she grew stronger.

She is same like other teenage girls as she has a large collection of dresses. She says I like to shop for me. She loves makeup and dressing up like beautiful models. She has a dream to do films. People in the region of India where the family lives flock to see the teenager Jyoti and some people treat her as a Goddess. You all are requested to pray for her happiness and long life.



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