headingAward-winning NH-U9B HeatsinkSecuFirm2™ multi-socket mounting system2x NF-B9 92mm Premium FanNT-H1 thermal compoundSpecial Edition Premium KitInstallation Manual (PDF)Information Sheet (PDF)FAQs
        Can the cooler be installed turned by 90° on AMD sockets?                            
        My unlocked Intel CPU is running too hot although my heatsink supports the specified TDP, what's the problem?                            
        Can I keep using the backplate / mounting system of my previous Noctua cooler for my new  one?                            
        Which Noctua CPU coolers are compatible with Intel LGA2066?                            
        Which Noctua CPU coolers are compatible with AMD AM4 (Ryzen)?                            
        My fan doesn’t spin when I start up the  PC - is it faulty?                            
        Can I run Noctua 3-pin fans on 4-pin PWM connectors and use my mainboard’s automatic fan controller?                            
        Can I upgrade my existing Noctua cooler to socket TR4 or SP3?                            
        How should I clean my Noctua cooler?                            
        What Thermal Design Power (TDP) is this cooler recommended for and how much Watt (W) of heat can it dissipate?                            
        Can I install a Noctua cooler in my system from Acer, Dell, HP or Lenovo?                            
        My case supports CPU coolers of up to XXXmm height, which model should I choose?                            
        I have difficulties installing the cooler, can you help?                            
        How much torque should be applied when tightening the screws of a Noctua CPU cooler?                            
        Which Noctua fan or CPU cooler should I buy? How to choose the right model?                            
        How can I determine if the motherboard’s UEFI BIOS is overclocking my processor by default and deactivate this automatic overclocking?                            
        How can I check whether my AMD mainboard has a standard AMD backplate that’s compatible with the SecuFirm2™ mounting system and how should I proceed with the installation?                            
        The cooler's fans always run at full speed and can not be controlled by my motherboard, what's the problem?                            
        Is the cooler compatible with the Intel LGA2011 socket and Asus X-socket™?                            
        Is the high weight dangerous for the CPU or socket?                            
        Is it possible to mount fans with a greater height than 25mm?                            
        Is it possible to run two fans at a time?                            
        Should the fan be mounted sucking away from the heat-sink or blowing onto the heat-sink?                            
        On which side of the heat-sink should the fan be installed?                            
        Is it possible to cool my CPU without a fan (passive) using Noctua coolers?                            
        How to install the fan using the supplied steel clips?                            
        What can I do if the fan blocks my RAM or chipset cooler?                            
        Can I use Noctua fans on my fan controller?                            
        Help, the base of the cooler doesn’t make contact with the CPU / there is no contact pressure!                            
        Is the cooler compatible with LGA1366 mainboards for Xeon 5500?                            
        My mainboard has more than one set of mounting holes. Which one should I use?                            
        The fan doesn’t start with the Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptor (ULNA)!                            
        Is the mounting system compatible with LGA1155?                            
        Is the cooler compatible with AMD AM3+ and FM1?                            
        Is it possible to use the cooler with vertical graphic cards?



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