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下がる さがる
Word or expression in common usage
Godan verb with `ru' ending
intransitive verb
  • to hang down
  • to abate
  • to retire
  • to fall
  • to step back


  • come down
  • get back
  • sink down 【自動】sag


    • onyomi
    • kunyomiしたしももとさ.げるさ.がるくだ.るくだ.りくだ.す-くだ.すくだ.さるお.ろすお.りる
    • meaningbelow; down; descend; give; low; inferior


  • Japanese あお向けに寝ると、舌やノドチンコがノドの奥に下がるため、上気道が塞がりやすくなります。
    English If you sleep on your back it's easier for your upper airway to be obstructed because your tongue, uvula, etc. slip towards the back of your throat.
  • Japanese 眠ると体の機能がゆっくりになり、体温が下がる
    English When we are asleep, bodily functions slow down and body temperature falls.
  • Japanese 物価はまもなく下がるはずだ。
    English Prices ought to come down soon.
  • Japanese 彼女の努力には頭が下がる
    English I take my hat off to her for her effort.
  • Japanese 彼の努力に頭が下がる
    English I take my hat off to him for his hard work.
  • Japanese 彼の努力には、頭が下がるよ。
    English I've got to hand it to him. He works hard.
  • Japanese 肉の値段はやがて下がるだろう。
    English The price of meat will soon come down.
  • Japanese 寝ている間は、体の機能は不活発になり、体温は下がる
    English While you are asleep, the bodily functions slow down and body temperature falls.
  • Japanese 食料品の値段はすぐに下がるでしょうね。
    English Food prices will come down soon, won't they?
  • Japanese 高く登れば登るほど気温が下がる
    English The higher you climb, the colder it becomes.
  • Japanese 高く登れば登るほどますます気温は下がる
    English The higher we climb, the colder it becomes.
  • Japanese 貴重品は傷がつくと価値が下がる
  • Japanese 気温が下がると関節が痛むんだ。
    English My joints ache when it gets cold.
  • Japanese 我々は皆物価が下がるのを望んでいる。
    English All of us want prices to decline.
  • Japanese 温度が下がる
    English The temperature falls.
  • Japanese もう一歩下がると、崖から落ちるよ。
    English Another step, and you'll fall over the cliff.
  • Japanese ヘリコプターが着陸できるようあの人達に後ろに下がるように言って下さい。
    English Tell those people to back off so that the helicopter can land.
  • Japanese そんなに急激に利率が下がるとは誰も予想しなかった。
    English Nobody anticipated such a sharp decline in interest rates.
  • Japanese お医者さんが、熱が下がるまでは安静にするようにって言ってたでしょ。
    English The doctor told you to stay in bed until your fever goes down, didn't he?
  • Japanese インフレの程度が進むにつれてドルの価値は下がる
    English The value of the dollar declines as the rate of inflation rises.