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下す おろす
irregular okurigana usage
  • to take down (e.g. flag)
  • to launch (e.g. boat)
  • to drop
  • to lower (e.g. ladder)
  • to let (a person) off
  • to unload
  • to discharge

irregular okurigana usage
  • to drop off (a passenger from a vehicle)
  • to let (a person) off

irregular okurigana usage
  • to withdraw money from an account

irregular okurigana usage
  • to wear (clothing) for the first time

irregular okurigana usage
  • to fillet (e.g. a fish)
下す くだす
Word or expression in common usage
Godan verb with `su' ending
transitive verb
  • to make (a decision)
  • to pass (judgement, etc.)
  • to hand down (orders, etc.)

Word or expression in common usage
Godan verb with `su' ending
transitive verb
  • to let go down
  • to lower

Word or expression in common usage
Godan verb with `su' ending
transitive verb
  • to do oneself
  • to do by oneself


    • onyomi
    • kunyomiしたしももとさ.げるさ.がるくだ.るくだ.りくだ.す-くだ.すくだ.さるお.ろすお.りる
    • meaningbelow; down; descend; give; low; inferior


  • Japanese このままではわが国の国際競争力はさらに低下する恐れが大きい。
    English At this rate, the risk is high that our country's competitive position will drop even further.
  • Japanese 裕福な人はあまりお金を持っていない人を見下すことがある。
    English Sometimes rich people look down on other people who do not have much money.
  • Japanese 問題は誰が決定を下すかということだ。
    English The question is who will make the decision.
  • Japanese 彼は黒人を見下すのが癖になっている。
    English He has a habit of looking down on coloured people.
  • Japanese 彼は決心を下すのに長く時間がかかるということで有名だ。
    English He has a reputation for taking a long time to make a decision.
  • Japanese 次にあげる「ブラック・ユーモア」の例を見れば、自分で判断を下すことができるだろう。
    English The following example of sick humor will enable you to judge for yourself.
  • Japanese 結論を下すのは君の義務です。
    English It's up to you to make the decision.
  • Japanese 決定を下す前に事実をよく知らなければだめです。
    English You should acquaint yourself with the facts before you make a decision.
  • Japanese 決定を下すのは彼の権限だ。
    English The decision belongs to him.
  • Japanese そう言ったからといって彼の重要性が低下するわけではない。
    English To say so should not diminish his importance.
  • Japanese これは難しい問題で、決定を下すのは誰にとっても容易なことではありません。
    English This is a difficult problem, and it is not easy for anyone to decide.
  • Japanese 仲裁では普通6ヶ月に裁決を下す
    English With arbitration, judgement is usually passed in six months time.
  • Japanese 公職選挙法の「百日裁判」は、選挙違反の判決を議員任期の浅いうちに下すべく、迅速な審理を促すルールだ。
  • Japanese 憲法裁判所は、今日の朝の内に判決を下すだろう。
    English The constitutional court will issue a decision by noon today.
  • Japanese 彼は決断を下すことができない。
    English He can't make a decision.