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円高 えんだか
Word or expression in common usage
noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
  • high-valued yen
  • exchange in favor (favour) of the yen


  • appreciating yen
  • appreciation of the yen
  • dearer yen
  • high value of the yen
  • high yen
  • in favor of the yen
  • rise in the value of the yen
  • rise of the yen
  • rising yen
  • strengthening of the yen
  • strong yen
  • yen appreciation
  • yen's appreciation


    • onyomiエン
    • kunyomiまる.いまるまどまど.かまろ.やか
    • meaningcircle; yen; round
    • onyomiコウ
    • kunyomiたか.いたか-だかたか.まるたか.める
    • meaningtall; high; expensive


  • Japanese 円高克服は大問題です。
    English How to overcome the high value of the yen is a big problem.
  • Japanese 円高は日本の輸出産業に逆効果になっている。
    English The strong yen is acting against Japan's export industry.
  • Japanese 円高は我が社にとって好都合であった。
    English The strong yen was advantageous to our company.
  • Japanese 円高はその会社にとって致命的な打撃だった。
    English The strong yen was a fatal blow to the company.
  • Japanese 円高ドル安だ。
    English The yen is rising and the dollar is falling.
  • Japanese 円高で日本経済に対する影響が深刻になってきている。
    English The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious.
  • Japanese 円高がその会社の経営不振に拍車をかけた。
    English The yen's appreciation accelerated the decline of that company.
  • Japanese ブローカーは円高のおかげで大もうけしました。
    English Brokers made a killing because of the high yen.
  • Japanese その雑誌の記事には円高になるだろうと書いてあった。
    English The magazine article said that the value of the yen would rise.
  • Japanese この円高のうちに、海外旅行をしたいものです。
    English I would like to travel in foreign countries while the yen is strong.