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瞬く間に またたくまに
adverb (fukushi)
  • in the twinkling of an eye
  • in a flash


  • in (less than) no time (at all)
  • in a blink of an eye
  • in a fraction of a millisecond
  • in a millisecond
  • in a moment
  • in a trice
  • in a twinkle
  • in a twinkling
  • in a wink
  • in nothing flat
  • in one stroke
  • in the twinkling of an eye
  • in the wink of an eye
  • in two shakes
  • like winking〈俗〉
  • quicker than thought
  • within a matter of seconds 【副】instantly



  • Japanese 飛行機は瞬く間に見えなくなった。
    English The plane went out of sight in a blink.
  • Japanese 世の中は瞬く間に変わるだろう。
    English The world will change in an instant.
  • Japanese 強風にあおられて火は瞬く間に広がった。
    English Fanned by a strong wind, the fire spread in an instant.
  • Japanese その髪型が瞬く間に若者の間に広まった。
    English The hairstyle soon became popular among young people.
  • Japanese ジェット機は瞬く間に飛び去った。
    English The jet plane flew away in an instant.