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腹を立てる はらをたてる
Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
  • to take offense
  • to take offence
  • to get angry
  • to lose one's temper


  • be moved to anger
  • be on [get on, mount, ride] one's high
  • blow up
  • carry on
  • chuck a spaz [mental, wobblie, wobbly]
  • cut up nasty [rough]
  • do one's block [bun, lolly, nana] / do the lolly
  • dummy spit
  • fly [get] into a temper [fury, passion, rage, tantrum] / lose one's block
  • get [become] angry
  • get [become] irritated
  • get bent
  • get exasperated
  • get indignant
  • get mad
  • get off one's bike〈豪〉
  • get one's feathers ruffled
  • get one's mad out [up]
  • get past oneself
  • get ratty
  • get sore
  • get the hump
  • go hostile〈豪・ニュ〉
  • have a fit
  • have fits
  • lose one's hair
  • lose one's temper
  • spit the dummy
  • take offense 【形】spewing 【自動】anger


    • onyomiリツリュウリットル
    • kunyomiた.つ-た.つた.ち-た.てる-た.てるた.て-たて--た.て-だ.て-だ.てる
    • meaningstand up; rise; set up; erect


  • Japanese 腹を立てるのもあたりまえだな。
    English It's natural that she should get angry.
  • Japanese 腹を立てるな。
    English Don't get angry.
  • Japanese 腹を立てると彼はよく口汚くののしる。
    English He often swears when he is angry.
  • Japanese 腹を立てると結局は損だ。
    English It never pays to lose your temper.
  • Japanese 彼女はささいな事に腹を立てる
    English She gets angry at trifles.
  • Japanese 彼女が腹を立てるなんて彼は思いもしなかった。
    English It never occurred to him that she would get angry.
  • Japanese 彼女が君に腹を立てるのは全く当然だ。
    English It is quite natural for her to be angry with you.
  • Japanese 彼は直に腹を立てる
    English He is quick to take offense.
  • Japanese 彼は自分の思い通りにならないと腹を立てる傾向がある。
    English He tends to get angry when he doesn't have his own way.
  • Japanese 彼は些細なことで腹を立てる
    English He gets angry over trivial things.
  • Japanese 彼は何でもないことに時として腹を立てる
  • Japanese 彼はよくつまらないことで腹を立てる
    English He often gets angry about trifles.
  • Japanese 彼はすぐに腹を立てる
    English He loses his temper quite easily.
  • Japanese 彼はささいなことでよく腹を立てる
    English He often gets angry at small things.
  • Japanese 彼の言葉に腹を立てるな。
    English Don't be angry at his words.
  • Japanese 彼が彼女に腹を立てるのももっともだ。
    English He may well get angry with her.
  • Japanese 太郎はすぐに腹を立てる
    English Taro has a low boiling point.
  • Japanese 私の意見を言うと、彼は必ず腹を立てる
    English I cannot tell my opinion without provoking him.
  • Japanese 君には腹を立てる理由は何もない。
    English You have no cause for anger.
  • Japanese 君には腹を立てる理由が何もない。
    English You have no cause for anger.