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Hello, sho-sho!Thank you for correct my sentence この店には魚のほうが肉より高いです。 - Feed Post from spanz to sho-sho

Hello, sho-sho!<br />Thank you for correct my sentence この店には魚のほうが肉より高いです。<br />A couple of questions:<br />Which one of your alternatives do you think is better (は/では)?<br /><br />A fast search with Google:<br />"この店は": 853000 pages.<br />"この店では": 3040000 pages.<br />"この店には": 11000000 pages.<br /><br />I know these results are only unrelated statistics, but it seems that the expression には is heavily used, so, what's wrong with my sentence?<br /><br />Btw, one of your corrections has a vote. Have you voted for yourself, or is it from someone else?<br />(The more voting people, the better results)<br />
posted by spanz