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おめでとう! You're the first one to realize.Obviously, it's no… - Feed Post from spanz to arheena

おめでとう! You're the first one to realize.<br /><br />Obviously, it's no coincidence. And neither is related to numerology. It's only a stupidity.<br /><br />About the combos, I did not fail in the question number 778. I had an appointment, and when I was to leave my record was 775. I thought that 777 would be a nice number, so I did it.<br />I could have continued, but was in a hurry...<br /><br />And about the exp, I was simply bored and did it completely on purpose. It was a tricky achievement, with some controlled loses. <br /><br />The next step will be to reach 1000000... someday.<br /><br />じゃ。
posted by spanz