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Hi, Dark! This is the Boss comment box, but I'll answer you: Wrong! - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

Hi, Dark!
This is the Boss comment box, but I'll answer you:
I don't now why, but one day I'm below nintendo, and the next day I'm above him (without any challenges meanwhile).
We all have 2 victories, but I have been defeated 2 times. Maybe that counts negatively. Or maybe my tie counts positively, or maybe the user level counts as well, or the seniority in the web in case of draw, the date of the challenges, or the user age, or alphabetical order...
Of course, taking in account all these possibilities doesn't explain why I keep going up and down, so, there must be something external, like the moon's phase, the crude oil price... or some kind of bug, hence my question.
Anyway, thanks for your interest. What's a navy?
posted by spanz

Comments 9

  • beeant
    I just created this function to avoid this kind of problem =)
  • beeant
    is it also broken here
  • beeant
    it seems like its fine here
  • spanz
    Now it looks good, but why do you hide the first reply?
  • spanz
    Ah! I see... you hide ALL the replies except the last ones...
    It's ok. I like it.
  • spanz
    Sometimes, all the list is displayed, but the link for opening the rest is still visible... :(
  • beeant
    I think it doesn't matter for now...
  • spanz
    You're right, but we're going off-topic:
    What about the challenge's ranking?
  • Darknaviexe
    Beeant instructed I challenges other navis in this area, so I will. However, I am still wracking my memory banks for any fair way of sorting challenge ranks...