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Arrgh! So close...! I've answered 9 questions... Kana only challenges are very… - Feed Post from spanz to Darknaviexe

Arrgh! So close...! I've answered 9 questions...
Kana only challenges are very difficult. I't easier with Kanji, as usually you can identify the answer with a look (without actually reading).

What's a navi? O_o
posted by spanz

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  • Darknaviexe
    Megaman wikia tells all. I have repeated myself far too often...

    What do you mean easier with kanji!? I am having a hard time distinguishing kanji here!...
  • spanz
    It's a question of response time.
    If you know at least the meaning of a kanji, sometimes you don't need to know the readings to identify the one you want. In higher levels there are many compounds, but in lower levels you can often guess the answer with a look.
    On the other hand, reading the kana takes too much time, as you need to read all the options.
  • Darknaviexe
    I know too little to survive a round. 6000 is my current goal, just in case...
  • spanz
    To be more precise, I'm talking about Vocabulary question mode, not the Kanji question mode (then you need to know the readings).
    The lower setting is the multiple option (kana,kanji). That is the Kanji option that I'm talking about.
  • spanz
    I see you end always short of time.
    Do you suffer high delays between questions as I do?
  • Darknaviexe
    Oh. I still hate kanji, though. With more at my disposal, I can do better...
  • spanz
  • Darknaviexe
    If that is how it is,no holding back for you!
  • Darknaviexe
    I am surprised you did not challenge me again. What is stopping you?
  • spanz
    I have connection delay issues, so most of my challenge time is wasted waiting for the next question. Usually I can't complete the 10 combos within the minute, so I don't like the challenges so much.
    Besides, I'm going to bed now!