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Quick Guide: - Delete non sense tags such as tag that doesn't give a… - Feed Post from beeant to spanz

Quick Guide:

- Delete non sense tags such as tag that doesn't give a clear idea of the tagged vocabulary. (small pic is OK as long as it still make some sense)

- Same/similar tagged vocabulary is allowable as long as both pics have some sense of art.

- Think twice before deleting the tags that have some sense of 'eye candy' or artistic feel.

Basically, I just want it too look nice in the photo practice page
(Make Sense, Eye Candy, Artistic, Sexy)

Thank You,
posted by beeant

Comments 2

  • spanz
    What about colors?
    Those plain filled rectangles cropped from colored surfaces, have they sense of art?
    And written signs?
    The associated word is the same you see in the photo, so they have not graphic value, have they?
  • beeant
    I will leave that to you. Honestly I'm also confused about that haha.

    I think if the associated words is good just leave as it is for now. but if the words too small and doesnt look that good, then just DELETE it.

    i think tagged vocabulary that means color is fine with just plain filled rectangles. but plain rectangles that doesnt show anything is non sense.

    I think you have to know that one of the purposes of the Photo Practice is for entertainment. "Enjoy Browsing Photos, while Learning Japanese".

    of course those small rectangles (even color vocabulary), associated words picture, doesnt look really good, we wont enjoy looking at those kind of images. but for now I think we dont to be too severe on deleting tags, we also need some tags to fill in the Photo Practice.

    After more tags have been added, we will do more severe clean up.