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Hey! Let me do my work! I see you have corrected some furanku-san's tags. - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

Hey! Let me do my work!
I see you have corrected some furanku-san's tags.
Sorry, I'm still busy. I wanted to start the cleaning photo tags yesterday (I did some tests yesterday looking for problems), but I want to explain the cases to the taggers, and that requires time. Sorry again, I'll do ASAP.
Please, don't spend your time in this.
Just a suggestion:
A hint text about the quality of the tags in the box that opens when you're going to tag a photo can reduce the future incorrect tags.
posted by spanz

Comments 3

  • beeant
    I was just testing the new code for delete confirmation.
    OK I will let you do it, its kind of fun though looking at the animation haha.

    Ya explaining the problem to the taggers is kind of important, and I think you are better at explaining things than me.

    What do you mean by a hint text?

    Thank You,
  • furanku
    uh yeah sorry for the mess spanz, beeant
    coz i didnt know about the tag rules
    sumimasen deshite
  • spanz
    Don't mind, my first tags were wrong.
    I just mean a text explaining that the tag is going to be cropped and much of its context is going to disappear. And then something like:
    Are you sure this is a good tag?
    You, know, a little help text.
    What animation are you talking about?
    By the way, furanku-san has found also the repeated tag problem in photo quizz. It's important.