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Hello tokai, I am really sorry for the limited feature on modifying your… - Feed Post from beeant to tokai

Hello tokai,

I am really sorry for the limited feature on modifying your profile.

I think that the information the user need to give is only some general information. It's not something like your Home Address, real name, etc.

I just collect user's information that I think it is important for other users.
For example, your location, this information can be useful for other users to know because isn't more fun and easier to learn Japanese, share your difficulties with other people who speak the same language as you?
About date of birth and gender, it is just some additional information for other users to know who are they socializing with.

Of course your email address will be kept private.

I'm really sorry, it is possible for me to make the feature that can edit some user data to be private. However I am working alone writing the codes for this site, creating some additional feature to edit user information will consume the time that I can use to write a more useful feature that can help JCJP users in learning Japanese. I have to prioritize the work. =(

Maybe I will implement those features in the future, however, for now it is difficult for me to divide the time.

If you have some more suggestions to improve JapaneseClass.jp, please do not hesitate to tell me.

Thank You,
posted by beeant