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JapaneseClass.jp New Updates: Android App v1.5 - Feed Post by beeant

JapaneseClass.jp New Updates:

Android App v1.5

Bug Fixes:
1. Fix typos
2. Fix bold texts

New Features:
1. Social Feeds list
2. Social Feeds post
3. Social Feeds comment
posted by beeant

Comments 6

  • kekkou
    The update looks great!
  • EponScra
    for me the vocab level 1 quiz shows the word in english underneath, then shows the answers in english too e.g, it will ask me the JP for 'doctor' and right underneath it shows the answer, makes it hard to not cheat
  • beeant
    Thank you @kekkou! More updates are coming! :)
  • beeant
    @EponScra Did you mean on the App or on the website?
    Actually in JapaneseClass.jp, I think it's ok to look back to answer the questions. I believe that it is also a way of learning. You can eventually memorize the words by doing so.
  • EponScra
    @beeant the app, i forgot to mention that
  • beeant
    @EponScra, did you mean the encounter history? If that is the case, I will make it hidable in the next release. Thank you!