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This won't be the most pleasant thing you'll hear from me, especially on a public feed, but as I… - Feed Post from Darknaviexe to beeant

This won't be the most pleasant thing you'll hear from me, especially on a public feed, but as I am out of ideas for how else to continue going about this and that the e-mail I had sent was later learned to be the least effective way of reaching out to you, I simply have to apologize in advance for asking this in plain view for everyone to see:

May you please delete my account? I am unable to do it on my own, I have found no way to. The matter is personal, neither you, the site nor it's community bear any responsibility or influence leading to this decision, do not take it personally, please.

I just want the account gone, that is all that matters.
posted by Darknaviexe

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  • Darknaviexe
    Addendum: This does not mean I have given up the idea of learning Japanese, I have every intention of continuing to, just not here. Again, the matter and decision are personal.

    Please pardon having done this in full view of everyone, I was simply left with no other options.
  • Torchstone
    This should definitely be a feature, but in the mean time might I suggest that you falsify all of your information which would in effect remove your real profile?
  • Darknaviexe
    I removed what all I could, what little there was.
    Still, this is why I am seeking him out: Simply to begone.
    I will wait for an official response from him before continuing.
    I understand where you are going with this, but I have done all I could to mitigate meanwhile.
  • beeant
    Hello Darknaviexe, I still remember you. You were one of the most active users in the early days of JapaneseClass.jp. Thinking about that, I kind of miss you and the early days of JapaneseClass.jp.

    It is really sad to let you go by deleting your account. Not only that the database structure of JapaneseClass.jp is still pretty old which make it kind of difficult to delete an account or changing user names. There are plans to renew the database structure so that it is possible to change usernames, and deleting accounts.

    I am currently still completing the features for our mobile apps. After that I will be working on new lessons and new features too. I really hope that you would understand and are ok with what Torchstone have suggested. Of course what I hope the most is that you would stay and keep on using JapaneseClass.jp
  • Darknaviexe
    Saying this first: https://imgur.com/a/M5k9VS7 Gee, I wish I could see what the notifications were.

    Take all the time you need renewing the database structure. Until that point, I will just keep an eye out for updates involving account services here.
    I am aware of and understand that you are working on the mobile app, too. In fact, by the looks of it, a lot of people seem to be excited for it.
    I want to follow through with what Torchstone said, but there isn't all that much to get rid of or change.

    Again, for personal reasons, meaning I can't and won't explain, I simply have to go, even if it means waiting for the realistic opportunity to get rid of my account for good. Until then, it will remain inactive.

    I want to stay, I really do, but the reasons I have concluded have convinced me different.

    Thank you for responding, take all the time you need, I can't really help all that much. I will wait it out. I do not mean to sound depressing, much less speak about it out here in the open, but this is the most I can really do.
  • Miroki
    Hi, riding on this thread, i would also like my account to be deleted pls (once the new database structure is up). Thank you!