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Didn't want to log in just to say this, but I'm out of ideas. It's getting pretty… - Feed Post from Darknaviexe to beeant

Didn't want to log in just to say this, but I'm out of ideas.
It's getting pretty gruesome out here in the feeds view.
https://imgur.com/3MbmNmV This isn't something anyone needs to see, for one.

I understand you're pretty busy, but is there any way you can make someone a moderator of the site to snipe posts like these? I'll delete the image/edit this post after the posts in question are gone.
I'm pitching this idea to you, not to pester, but to help ease the burden a little. This is less about trusting anyone to moderate posts on this site, more about stopping it as soon as it happens.

I haven't touched any of those links to verify my own claim, and I'm not even tempted to. In fact, I'm not trying to start anything, I just don't want this site's reputation taking a dip.
posted by Darknaviexe

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  • Darknaviexe
    Edit 1: I could be wrong about those links, but I'm not tempted to check. I could be a complete fool here.
  • washoku
    remember you can tap or click on the flag at the upper right of the offensive post to report it to beeant the admin.
  • Jendrej
    I can't see a flag on posts
  • washoku
    they are on the mobile apps, not the website version. Sorry for not clarifying earlier.
  • Darknaviexe
    Edit 2: The posts were deleted, so I got rid of the image as promised.
    Washoku: I see where you're going and thank you for pointing that out, but I'm just not going to use the mobile version when I check the desktop version almost weekly.
  • washoku
    no problem Darknaviexe
  • Darknaviexe
    Reviving this old thread, even at the risk of aggravating people, but out of, yet again, concern. Again, I am aware the mobile version exists, but I never use it. That set aside, I insist on saying the following out of overall concern, so please bear with me:

    Beeant, if you can read this, look at the top of the feeds post, the account is back again. I also want to ask if, aside from there being ways to remove accounts, seeing as I had asked about this long before, if there is a way to *prevent* accounts from posting in the first place, perhaps by requiring a little more than a certain amount of EXP, which is exactly the bare minimum they went for, by the way. https://imgur.com/a/5fqGm2N (image album will be destroyed when the post is)

    Basically, and I know this is still pestering, but if I had to come up with an immediate list of things to request:
    - A purposely tougher list of requirements to post anything on the site, much less be allowed to be seen on the front page.
    - Vulnerability to being banned from posting if you abuse/otherwise misuse the privilege; this would, by all means, still allow account creation, but it would extremely deter the idea if the only intent is to advertise, especially as seen in recent posts.
    - A word/phrase blacklist to mitigate, if not prevent, this kind of misbehavior.
    - A moderator to constantly scan through these problems, especially since and knowing you are busy doing other things. ...No, not me.

    This would be aggravating to constantly hear from me, yes, which is why I'm keeping it to a minimum, but I *have* to imagine this would lighten your workload and, in the long run, stress. You would think I would offer to take up the task of at least attempting to help you solve the problem, but I don't know how to code anything, it's a weakness of mine.
  • kekkou
    @Darknaviexe I messaged beeant privately about this repeat offender in Discord, and I believe he will lock out this offending account soon.
  • kekkou
    and Darknaviexe I love your ideas to auto-mod the Social feeds.
  • Darknaviexe
    Kekkou: Thank you. This plague needs to end.
  • Darknaviexe
    Reviving the thread again, minus the Imgur albums.

    Beeant! Heeeeeelp! Check the front page! They're back!...and they have help, this time!

    ...Also, I really should ask if there is a better way to report this stuff than by constantly jumping onto your feed.