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Hello LyyyN, Welcome back to JapaneseClass.jp, I'm glad that you like the… - Feed Post from beeant to LyyyN

Hello LyyyN,

Welcome back to JapaneseClass.jp, I'm glad that you like the new JCJP. I think JCJP has a simple logic, but my programming skill is not that good, so even though it seems like a simple logic, the code of the whole JCJP is quite big haha. I am trying to maintain the code to be simpler and simpler so it can be more efficient.

The site goes down quite often as I am using the most economic server. As I am still a student, I need to maintain my financial too. That is why I am collecting donation to upgrade the server, so the site can be up all the time, faster loads, etc.

Which video are you talking about? The video is just an embed from other sites like YouTube, so if there is any problem with the video, I cannot take control 100% to solve that problem.

Ya the EXP for Photo Practice and Video Quizes is random range from 1 to 10. Ya the EXP is generous because I those features is not really used by most users, I want all features in JCJP to be used equally or almost equal haha. So now, I am trying to motivate users to use those not-so-used features. However, even though it is generous, EXP that you can get from Random Practice Question Combo is more generous which is depending on your Japanese Skill.

Thank you for your suggestion, I also think that Video Quizes should be non random and non repeated question like in chapter test. I will find a time to modify them.

Thank You,

posted by beeant