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Hello! I see you've made a lot of photo tags in - Feed Post from spanz to StonerPenguin

I see you've made a lot of photo tags in http://japaneseclass.jp/album/photo/7584/StonerPenguin7570.jpg
Some of them are very small, so it seems you are not aware of a little problem that arises in photo practice with small tags.

I feel very lazy right now, and I'm kind of busy with a personal project, so instead of repeat myself, you can read a similar advice that I sent to nekesu about the same problem. You can read it at nekesu box:

Deleting the not-so-convenient tags is sad for me, so I'll leave it to you for the moment.
If you don't delete it in some days, I'll eat the smaller ones for you (WAGA-WAGA-WAGA LOL!). Sorry, and thank for your effort!

Another matter: You gave some advice to the user mildseven. You are very kind, and very fun also, because I'm pretty sure that mildseven is in fact beeant, although he doesn't want to admit it. =D
posted by spanz

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  • spanz
    On a second sight, I think practically all of your tags in that photo are very confusing when you cut them, or they're simply too small. I guess that's not a good photo to tag with the cropping system we have at the moment. Please, rethink your tags remembering they need to be expressive by themselves. If you can't recognize a cropped tag, then that tag is not good. And if a tag is clear but too small (for example the nose), then that's not a good tag, either. Sorry...
  • mildseven
    i admit that im beeant hahaha. but how do you know?
  • spanz
    This is for Stoner-Chan, but I'm sure beeant will read it too to find out how I discovered him. ;D

    I suspected that mildseven was beeant due to several reasons:
    Mildseven (a level 1 user!) welcomed the user jbtutor to JCJP. According with his stats page, mildseven was connected from Indonesia, just like beeant in those days.
    And when beeant came back to Japan, also mildseven did it. Then, he posted some videos...
    Mwahahaha! I'm a spy! And I know at least two more users that are also beeant...

    Don't worry about your failed tags. My first tags were even worse...

    Thank you very much, and no, I'm not a girl. I'm a genderless spy. The spies have not gender, only sex. Tons of sex... hahaha, only in my dreams!
    Anyway, I'm not super cool. I'm a disaster. I'm unable to use English properly, let alone Japanese, so I can't help so much. :(

    About "Photo Practice", it's easy to find:
    Click in the upper red Photo button, and Tadaa!: "Photo Practice" and "Upload Photo".
    Ah, you can reply or comment any post in any message box clicking in "Comment" (there's no need to make a new post in the user's box).

    Thanks again!
  • StonerPenguin
    Lol, you're a very observant spy indeed! BTW, shortly after I asked you that question I found the photo practice button, I'm so blind :P for some reason I thought the photo practice would be on individual pictures, rather than the whole gallery haha.

    And you are cool! Your English is great, if you didn't say that English wasn't your first language, I would've never guessed that you were Spanish. Learning English is no small feat so don't be so rough on yourself! Anyone who has the patience to be functionally bilingual is super cool in my opinion =D And you're funny too, that gets you bonus points :3

    Thank you for your help and guiding me through my stupidity :)
  • spanz
    Not at all.
    I call your bonus points and raise you five more! (escalation of flattery unintended)
    Hahaha! "Functionally bilingual" sounds like a disease name! I like it!
    By the way, nice stats! You'll reach me soon.
    Time to go to spy someone...