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Welcome to JCJP! You're a new user and you've made already a nice progress and even… - Feed Post from spanz to mufuu

Welcome to JCJP!
You're a new user and you've made already a nice progress and even made some Photo Tags! Thank you very much for your participation!

Just a sad note:
I have been instructed by the admin (the user beeant) to make a cleaning of photo tags and video vocabularies. Your photo tags are perfect when you see them in the original photo, but all the tags are saved also to be used later in Photo Practice tests.

There's nothing wrong with your tags, but one or more of your photo tags are not quite correct due to the way they are managed right now. (Don't worry, I made the same mistake the first time I tagged a photo)

Please, note that in the current system, the box that marks the tagged image part is the only part of the image that's being saved as a tag. The tag is cropped from the original photo.
Later, when the tag is used in a Photo Practice, only the tag is shown (scaled down if it's too big). The rest of the original photo won't appear. Due to this, the small tags are usually useless, as you can't tell clearly what they are when you see them cropped.

Beeant is taking into consideration other systems, so maybe in the future this kind of tags will be correct.
Next time, please, try to make the tags as bigger as possible without losing the subject (just don't adjust them too much) and remember that only the tag is going to be shown.
Imagine the tag isolated, and if you think that the tag is not going to be clear or pretty enough later, please don't make it (or delete it yourself later).
Meanwhile, I have to delete your tags. Sorry!

To be more specific, in http://japaneseclass.jp/album/photo/7584/StonerPenguin7570.jpg, the hat tag is a failed tag (it is a single point), and the shoulder one is not clear if you look at it cropped. In fact, that photo is too black to be a good photo to tag.
In http://japaneseclass.jp/album/photo/8732/breezysteezin950263.jpg, the shoes tag is good, but I have to delete the chair one, because it is not representative by itself.

Thank you for your understanding, and sorry again!

posted by spanz

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  • mufuu
    Ahaha oh I see, I thought they were just there for people who browse to see and learn. The chair tag Definitely would be worthless I'm sure. I did wonder why none of those things weren't tagged. Its quite alright =)
    May I ask, how do I skip a level of study? Is it possible? It feels terrible to be forced to do something I know over and over again. Level 1 was a heacdache, which is why I finished it so quickly actually, because I was annoyed with it.
  • spanz
    Don't press yourself. This is not a race. About skipping a level, I guess the answer is no, because that would be like cheating.

    Note that the user level is not based in the tests you make, but only in the EXP. In fact, you can take only practice tests of level 1 and reach whatever level you want, just accumulating EXP points. Of course, that would be boring as hell and super annoying, and that's exactly what you want to avoid.

    I know this is a weird system, but that's what the Boss (beeant) made to look like a RPG game.
    The level bars are only like a decorative medal, and they are unrelated to the user level.
    To get more difficult and interesting tests, you need to reach higher user levels, and the only way for the moment is earning EXP.
    You don't want free of charge EXP points, do you? That would be unfair...
    In higher levels, you'll get more EXP points for each question and combos, so, keep on fighting!

    If we can think of a different and better system, we are free to suggest it to beeant. He's willing to make a better site, and he always hears us (although he can be stubborn! XD).
    Please, don't hesitate to ask him whatever you want.

    Sorry for my long explanations!
  • mufuu
    You misunderstand me, I am not racing with anyone, but consider someone at JLPT2 learning kana all over again. Mind you, I am not doing anything in kana here, but being forced into the box is what I was talking about. I am not rushing
    "You don't want free of charge EXP points, do you? That would be unfair..." lol. See, for a person like me, points dont matter, therefore earning those was nothing to me; I didn't pay attention to them. But now I know better.I just wanted a site where I could do tests [which is why I started with the tests] because I am self-taught and have nowhere else to do tests. I pretty much just went for it joining the site, not reading the true aim of the site and such. I am lazy like that, I just want to get down to it =) Thank you for your time. I've leant 4 terms in the tests so that's good ^^
    Also, those bars aren't just for decoration from my observation; once I fill one up, I advance, so I try to fill it, therefore, not just decoration for me.
  • spanz
    Well, that's what those bars are for. I didn't say they were useless. If they keep you motivated and willing to fill them up, that's great. I just wanted to remark the fact that even if you fill up a chapter level bar, you don't advance a level. (That would be more logical, perhaps)

    Obviously, being higher in the rank (i.e. having more EXP) is only decorative as well, but it can motivate some users, and you need EXP in order to advance, so that's why I said the chapter bars are decorative (compared to the EXP, that at least allows you to advance).

    I'm also self-taught, and just like you, I don't pay attention to the EXP points.
    I reached the level 5 some time ago, and I don't remember the lower levels as a boring nightmare.
    Probably you're too good.

    I know well that feeling when you're replaying a game you've already completed. The firsts levels can be boring and annoying.
    I guess you feel that way now.
    Sorry, there's not a solution, unless you want to cheat.

    Sorry again, I tend to write too long messages! =D
  • mufuu
    "even if you fill up a chapter level bar, you don't advance a level." I see ^^ I did realise that after not advancing the first time =P I am not complaining, I'm fine now that I understand you know, its just terribly annoying seeing 山 100 times during one practice and not something I dont know. Just saying. Obviously, if I desire a different system, I can just go somewhere else.
    " I don't remember the lower levels as a boring nightmare." Haha, I enjoy your wording. Its a bother only because I am beyond that place. Perhaps its just my temperament. there are many factors really, like the time it takes to get to somewhere of value to me. I dont know if you will understand me, but I really value my time. I hate to waste it.
    "unless you want to cheat" Why do you keep saying that? Stop saying that,its offensive. See I didnt have an understanding before [I was linked to the practice page by someone, not to the home page, so I just went from there, therefore, no knowledge of the site]
    And you dont have to apologise, I am notorious for long messages and explanations myself, because I like to be clear =)
  • spanz
    Yes, I have to apologize!
    I didn't want to offend you!
    My cheat reference was about the game example. I'm really sorry :(
    My English is not very good but don't worry, you're very clear.
  • mufuu
    Ahh sorry for the late response but I no longer have the internet. I'm glad you understand ^_^ Actually, I can barely tell that your mother tongue is not English. Don't denounce it, you're very good.
    Have a good one k?
  • spanz
    Thank you very much!
    You are very kind!. My best wishes to you too!