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I don't know if it's only a fluke, or maybe at this time there aren't many users online, but the… - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

I don't know if it's only a fluke, or maybe at this time there aren't many users online, but the loading times are now halved for me.
Is this related to your new Apache Worker MPM?
posted by spanz

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  • beeant
    Ya, it feels so much faster for me too, worker MPM is amazing.

    I also did some optimization in compressing some static files before it is sent to the client-side. Do you notice smaller file size loaded to your browser?

    thanks for telling me, so it was not just my feeling that it feels faster haha.

    anyway, I replied your email, did you get it?
  • beeant
    how do you know I changed to worker MPM?
  • spanz
    Somehow, today is not as fast as yesterday. The Rank page loads now in 26-28 secs (yesterday were 20-22 secs). The main culprit is the waiting time. Anyway, it's much better than the previous 40 secs.

    About the size, I don't know...
    The only size I remember is the main page's one. It was 2.7MB, and now it's 2.7MB. Pretty much the same. Probably the main page is not good for that matter.

    所で、you've activated Keepalive connections again. A lot of changes, indeed. You have a curious way to take breaks...

    Yes, I received your reply, and I replied it again. Did you receive it? Please, don't follow this idiotic chain!!! (unless you haven't got the reply)

    About the Worker MPM, 秘密だよ!
    Now, I only have to learn what the hell is that worker MPM thing はは。

  • beeant
    today I updated PHP to the new version, and the worker MPM is not working anymore. so I am back to itk...

    do still feel the speed increase?

    dont use ranking page for comparing. the ranking page is dynamic, according to the number of todays ranking, challenge etc
  • beeant
    try to logout and do practice. it is so much faster. almost no loading for me...
  • spanz
    Hmm... It's slower again.
    Practice is fast, but it was fast before, so I guess it's also the same (2~3 secs).
    I don't know why you feel it faster. Maybe it's due to the new PHP.
    I think it's not worth it if it prevents you using the Worker MPM.

    I've noticed one strange thing (I don't know if this was happening before, or if I'm understanding it wrong): Many .png and .jpg files (not all of them, and not always the same!) show incredibly high resolving times (sometimes more than 12 seconds). It seems to happen only for graphic files. It doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps it's something related to the new compressed files you were talking about. Perhaps it's a DNS problem.

    Is the main page good for comparing?
  • spanz
    EDIT: Some graphic files need 24 seconds to resolve their addresses.
  • spanz
    Have you seen the "Audits" in the "Developer Tools" of Chrome browser?
    It performs traffic and performance audits and gives you many advices. It seems you can optimize many things (according to Chrome).
    Uff! Yours is a hard work...
    Or is it a hard break? :D