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Hi! A little cosmetic bug. Try this: Log out. Go to… - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

A little cosmetic bug. Try this:
Log out.
Go to Lessons.
Vocabulary or Kanji. (For example Kanji)
Any level>1. (For example, level 2)
Any chapter. (For example, chapter 11)
You get a yellow box info that tells you that the level is not enough, blah, blah.
Click Login.
The Facebook button is gone. In its place, there's a plain text saying "Login/Register".
posted by spanz

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  • beeant
    it does not happen to me..

    please try and again and refresh the page.

    Thank you,
  • spanz
    Yes. It really does that, and only if I visit a level 2 chapter or superior (like http://japaneseclass.jp/lesson/kanji/2/11) without being logged.

    Maybe it only happens to me, don't know why.

    I found the bug in FireFox, and I've refreshed, deleted temporary files/cache/cookies/site preferences/etc, and resetted the whole PC. It still happens.

    More info (very strange):
    It NEVER happens in IE & Chrome.
    It ALWAYS happens in FF & Opera, no matter what I do.

    Even more strange info:
    It happens SOMETIMES in Safari.
    If I keep refreshing, the button eventually appears, and after that, it never fails again. If I close Safari, the bug appears again, but not always.

    Even weirder:
    A couple of times, when the button didn't show, I kept the login box open for ~20 seconds, and the button finally appeared.
    After closing Safari and reopening it, all begins again. Sometimes there's a button, sometimes not.
    I did try the waiting trick many times, but it only worked two times. I've waited several minutes to no avail.

    In all these experiments, I always wait for the page to load completely before clicking on login.

    In any other circumstance (any other page), the button is always there, under all browsers.

    I hope that can help you to understand the problem, because I don't understand it. Any idea?
  • spanz
    It seems it's not my comp.

    I'm on XP, but I've tested it with a neighbour's computer (win7 x64), and it fails, too.
  • beeant
    oh ya! you are right!
    it also happens to me.

    I was trying other page like vocabulary page instead of kanji... sorry... >.<

    I will fix it

    Thank you so much.
  • spanz
    Vocabulary lessons also show the bug. At least for me.
    Please, remember this is not important. Just put it in the TO-DO list.