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Hi! I was preparing the notes from the Wiktionary link Gituska gave us and I see you have posted… - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

Hi! I was preparing the notes from the Wiktionary link Gituska gave us and I see you have posted some of them.

Sorry for being slow, but I had already uploaded 3 categories as private notes. As you have already posted "body" and "people" by yourself, I've deleted my own versions.

I just believe that this is a brainless work, and you have better things to do, so please, leave these mechanic things to me.

By the way, I still want to give credit to Stoner & Gituska for their notes suggestions. If you don't want to change the notes owner, please, make an explanation field where we can put miscellaneous info about the note contents. When you have time, that is.

posted by spanz

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  • beeant
    Yes I was also thinking the same thing last few days. It is also good for SEO. So I will add description parameter ASAP.

    Thank You,
  • beeant
    Hello spanz,

    I have implemented the description section for note. thank you for your suggestion =D

    please report if you notice any bug
  • spanz
    Thanks! It's much better this way.

    When the Note is opened, the description field is shown in a single line (that's ugly) with a too small font (that's ugly, too).

    Hey! You forgot to give credit to Gituska!
  • spanz
    Two questions:
    How is this going to be good for SEO? Just curiosity...

    Can I mention the source of the Small and Big Notes? You know, the Core ones.
  • spanz
    Another unrelated bug:
    When you create a Note, if you leave the title empty, this help text appears:
    Please enter a quiz title
    It should be:
    Please enter a note title
  • spanz
    Sorry for being so annoying, but
    I think the Note Title's lenght limit is too strict. I can't write this title:
    Nouns - Directions & Positions

    I promise I won't bother you anymore until tomorrow... probably. :P
  • beeant
    Hello spanz,

    Sorry for my late reply.

    I think you noticed that I have fixed the bug, and let you enter up to 30 characters note title.

    And thank you so much for doing all the notes for JCJP users, I hope that those notes can be useful for all.

    I am planning to have more statistics on Notes, so people can really use them fro study.

    I forgot I wanted to say because of typing those introduction sentences... ><

    Thank You,
  • spanz
    Haha! Yes, I noticed and used the larger field, thanks!