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Hello, Thank you for your review. What do you like from the… - Feed Post from beeant to arheena


Thank you for your review.
What do you like from the Old JapaneseClass.jp?
Especially the one you cant find in the new one.

Thank You,
posted by beeant

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  • arheena
    Hmm... the new one is much much better than the old one, but it seems really unfamiliar to me for some reason (don't know why, just my feeling...) ^^
    What does 'note' do? what happen when I click 'take note'?
    Oh and about the bagde, mine still says rank 3 ^^
  • beeant
    note is just like a take note feature in real class.

    So during practice or taking lesson test, you can take note of the vocabularies. it is the same like making your own vocabulary lists.

    you can take note from practice questions, and you can also make your own note from your own vocabulary creation.

    It is better to look around for yourself.

    If you click take note, you will be brought to your list of note titles, and you can click add to a specific note title.

    if you do not have any note yet, you can create as many as you want

    Thank you,
  • arheena
    I see, thank you ^^