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Hello! I see you have made a Photo Tag (Cat) in: - Feed Post from spanz to dili

I see you have made a Photo Tag (Cat) in: http://japaneseclass.jp/album/photo/13209/Roblian469949.jpg
It's quite missplaced. You can redo it (delete and create it again).
In case you don't know, you can choose the size of the Photo Tags (when creating).
Just don't make them too small, because the Photo Tags are used also in Photo Practice, and there you won't see the rest of the photo. (When you see a very small Photo Tag isolated you usually can't tell what it is)
Thanks for your understanding!
posted by spanz

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  • spanz
    Same for the sheep tag in http://japaneseclass.jp/album/photo/13209/Roblian284566.jpg
  • spanz
    Haha! I see you already know how to make Photo Tags of different sizes. Sorry!
    In http://japaneseclass.jp/album/photo/13833/harada_akira348208.jpg, there are some examples of tags that could be a little better. The hair one is not very small, but is not very representative by itself. Remember that the tags are used cropped in Photo Practice. The eye one and the finger one are ok, but a little tight. No harm in doing them bigger than the object they represent.
    Thanks again and don't worry, there are photo tags way worse than yours...:D
  • spanz
    Oops! It's me again. You had a duplicate Photo Tag (Face) in the same photo as above. I've deleted it for you. Bye!
  • dili
    Thank you very much Spanz.
    I understood. :)