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Hello spanz, I am sorry, I have been busy with setting up the new… - Feed Post from beeant to spanz

Hello spanz,

I am sorry, I have been busy with setting up the new server.

I just change the [email protected] mail server. I am using Gmail now, I hope that it wont give me spam anymore.

Your email and all emails were automatically deleted. I am really sorry for this. It has been tough for me to find important mails. the Spams were horrible... like 1000 spams a day..........

Can you please send me the same email again that you sent me before to the same address [email protected]?
I am sorry for this.

Thank You,
posted by beeant

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  • spanz
    No problem!
    I've merged my old email with a new one. Nothing too important. It can wait until the new server is up.
    If you don't receive it, tell me!
  • beeant
    I got your mail. I will read it

    JCJP is now running on the new server actually.

    How do you feel about it?
  • spanz
    I don't see any problem. About the speed, it seems the initial delays are much smaller now, but the total times are not better, so I guess the transfers are... slower?
    I'm basing this in the ranking page:
    It used to load for me in about 40 sec (10 waiting and 30 loading).
    Now it loads in about the same time (1 or 2 waiting and the rest loading).
    Anyway, this is not a good test, and the overall feeling is probably better because things start to appear faster.

  • beeant
    Its a big improvement for me to load next questions, answers, ranking, note.

    But it takes longer for me to load pictures.

    The new server is located in the US. it is a cloud server with 512MB of RAM.

    So this may be a big improvement for users located in the US
  • teapotichi
    Beeant, Yaaaa! I live in AZ, so this will probably help here! Thank you so much!