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Does anybody needs iPhone app for JapaneseClass.jp? - Feed Post by beeant

Does anybody needs iPhone app for JapaneseClass.jp?
posted by beeant

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  • seijimaddog
    iPhone, iPad and iPod are together a large base, but Android is growing fast because any company can use it on their phones (HTC, Samsung, Sony and others are already using it). Instead of learning how to develop to Apple devices, I suggest to make a "mobile version" of JapaneseClass.

    Any phone can access it, doesn't matter if it is Android powered or an iPhone;
    You don't have to worry about the phone OS version, because each one have their own methods to use (like Android 1.6, Android 2.2, etc);
    It's easier to update, instead of updating multiple versions, all you gotta do is update the website, plus everyone will use it updated whenever they access it, which it's not the case when the user carries the app on their phones.

    I'm web developer and I have an android powered phone. If you need any help to test stuff, count on me. I love JapaneseClass (:

    Sorry for the long post :S
  • spanz
    JanetMerai suggested the same thing.
    Have you talked with her?

    I agree with seijimaddog.
    Making a "mobile version" (it is already almost fully working as it is now), would be way easier than anything else.

    Do you want to develope something you cannot do now through any compatible browser? (That sounds unlikely)

    In case you want to earn money through I-Phone Market / Android Market, I guess going for I-Phone would be better for now. Android Market might (it should) grow faster than Apple's one in the future. Only time will tell...
    But, if you take this road, you should offer something different than the current web experience the users can have with their mobile browsers.
    What would be such an App?
    Perhaps JanetMerai could give you some ideas.

    And finally, an unrelated question: Is your email working?
  • beeant
    Ya, mobile version would be a good idea, but I dont think I can implement all features in JCJP on mobile.

    In fact, I want to remove video and photo feature since it is not that useful until now.

    Maybe I would just implement the lesson, chapter test and random practice feature on mobile.

    or create a new set of lessons drill for mobile/iphone/android

    something like in http://englishclass.jp

    What do you think?
  • spanz
    Yes, in a small screen, simpler is better.
    Why a new set of lessons? You can (should) use the very same set for easier maintenance.
    I'm not sure whether dividing the lessons in categories instead of levels (as you do in ECJP) would be a good idea or not. What do ECJP users think?
    Changing the current JCJP level sets to a new, categorized system would be really hard, and all user's current stats would be useless, and also the ranking...
    Probably, there would be many complaints.
    I'd stick with our current system, and use it also for the mobile version, but if you think the categorized system is better, you're free to change anything you want. I don't mind to lose my stats at all. They mean nothing.

    About m.englishclass.jp, I can test it only with a crappy Windows Mobile 6 pda (3G), but it works very well (and very fast!). Most of the questions are relatively short, so I guess a very long line would need some scrolling (annoying but necessary).

    JCJP runs fine as well (the main features, not photo/video), but is slower, and the sound doesn't work for me.
    The floating windows (tests, slideshow) cause also some problems for me, but other than that, I just need to use the zoom & scroll.
    It's almost completely usable as is. I can practice and even write or draw the answers directly in Kanji.
    If you simplify the layout to fit better in a small screen, it would be much better.

  • stouvrikos
    A PSP version would be really handy for me... If you can please make one!!!!

  • seijimaddog
    That's just perfect:
    "implement the lesson, chapter test and random practice feature on mobile."

    Keep it simple, implement new features as you see they're needed. To me, that's all I need.

    "I want to remove video and photo feature since it is not that useful until now."

    Hm... if you're planning to remove it from the main website, please, don't. The photo feature it's great because we can bump into new words and will be easier to memorize as it comes in the picture, visual things are easier to remember. My sensei loved these features!

    Anyway, count on me for any tests you need to perform. As we're both developers, I can provide more useful informations to get to the problem. Most users don't rly know how to detail a bug, it's a pain to track it on my website :/