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I sent an e-mail to you ([email protected]) 5 days ago, and I've just received a delivery… - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

I sent an e-mail to you ([email protected]) 5 days ago, and I've just received a delivery failure message from smtp.hachiari.com (connection refused).
Have you changed something?
I'll send my e-mail again later.
posted by spanz

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  • spanz
    Did you get may e-mail?
  • beeant
    it is not working, because I have been really busy these days. I have not setup the mail server in the current server.

    please send it to my gmail.

    Im sorry, I will get back to work on JCJP ASAP.

    Thank You,
  • teapotichi
    Hi beeant! I see that you have been busy and don't have your mail done yet. So I will just tell you here. Thanks for your wonderful work here at JCJP. I am enjoying the site tremendously. There was a problem today with the page stopping after choosing the answer. It just flashes red. It crashed my 95 combo and my 70 combo also in the practice section. My daughter said that she had the same glitch. Please help me!よろしくおにがいします。ありがとがざいます。
  • beeant
    Hello teapotichi,

    I am sorry for my late reply. Yes I have been busy in various kind of things.

    I feel bad for everybody, especially for spanz who were helping me so much. I have been ignoring her!! =(
    I am really sorry spanz.

    teapotichi, thank you for enjoying JCJP, especially with your Daughter. Thank You very much.

    I am really sorry for crashing your combo.

    Right now, 4 different web services are running on the same server like JCJP. Some of them are really busy.

    Currently, I really need to expand the size of the server. However, it is still difficult for me to afford them.

    I will try to optimize the current server and keep the server environment stable.

    Again, I am sorry for crashing your combo.

    Thank You,
  • spanz