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Go Spanz go! You're doing old kanji tests too? What for? Anyway, faito! =D - Feed Post by StonerPenguin

Go Spanz go! You're doing old kanji tests too? What for?
Anyway, faito! =D
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    I'm fixing my Words Stats Tab. It seems there's something broken (or maybe a bug), so I can't encounter all the Kanji or Vocabulary while practicing.
    I cleared my Oblivion and Weak lists, but I never find new Kanji or Vocab. I was stuck with a set of only 595 Good Vocabs and 712 Good Kanjis. The complete sets have more than 1700 "Vocabularies" and more than 1000 Kanjis. (I'm not sure about the exact numbers)
    For example, I practiced for more than 500 consecutive all-level questions today and my numbers didn't change at all. O_o!
    The only way to unlock the whole set of Vocabs / Kanjis is encountering them in Tests. That way, they can go into the Good or Weak lists, and then they will appear during Practice.
    I've started with Kanji Tests
    and I have now more than 1000 Good Kanjis!
    The Practice is better now for me. It's more complete, more difficult, and there are less repetitions.
    I'll take the Vocab. Tests when I'm done with the Kanji Tests.

    Your lists are also too short.
    Do you find "new" (that is, not Good, not Weak, and not Oblivion) Kanji and Vocabulary while practicing?
    Or are you stuck as well?
  • spanz
    Faito, faito! =D
  • spanz
    You're gonna reach 1,000,000 today!
    It seems I gotta do the same...
  • StonerPenguin
    Yay! I am really close =D
    Also, thanks so much for telling me that! I'm stuck too :/ I didn't even notice until you said that... right now I've got 1753 good vocab and only 347 kanji... hmmmm time to go do some kanji tests!
  • spanz
    After a little rest at 888,888 I'll try to race a little bit again. I'm tired of my vocab tests. I hope noone else have to do this. Beeant have his finals so he can't fix the problem now.
    If you don't want to take all the tests again, you can wait for him, too. Faito again!
  • spanz
    Wake up!
    You're now fifth! (probably)
  • StonerPenguin
    Haha! Okay! I was a little busy today but I suppose it's time to practice =D