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I got all the notes done (and I did do it one 60th at a time > - Feed Post from StonerPenguin to spanz

I got all the notes done (and I did do it one 60th at a time ><) aaaannnd I have some problems cuz some notes only have 98~99 vocabularies (mostly in the Core 5000 series). And then I have a note that has 104... maybe I shoulda let you do it XD I'll make a few notes public a day as to not suddenly bump everyone's off. Thanks for all your help ;)
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • spanz
    That's really weird...
    What's your total sum?
    I got 100 words for each lesson, save 2 lesson with 101 words = 6002.

    Perhaps it has something to do with your filtering system &#40;who knows, a very long example could produce an extra line here and there... or maybe you're filtering out some words when there's no example sentence...&#41;

    And of course, iK people could be changing things (unlikely, because that would break users' progress).

    Which lesson has 104 words for you?
    I'll capture and filter it again with my script to see if iK has changed something. Or even better, I'll count the words with my air-i-abacus! 8D
  • spanz
    Have you compared the number of lines in your local files to their corresponding Notes' lenght?
    The uploader doesn't check for transmission errors or page's long response times. The shorter Notes could have been suffered an uploading problem.
    That doesn't explain the 104 words Note, though...
  • spanz
    Oh, I'm such an asshole... Happy Valentine!