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Reading feature is half-way done. Please look forward to it, especially for level 6 users! ;) - Feed Post by beeant

Reading feature is half-way done. Please look forward to it, especially for level 6 users! ;)
posted by beeant

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  • StonerPenguin
    Sounds awesome! I am indeed looking forward to it =D You rock Mr. Beeant~
  • beeant
    Hey StonerPenguin, Thank you :D

    I've done coding with the reading feature. You can check it out from this soft hidden beta release to you and other users who see this message.

    You can find it here:

    Please tell me what do you think about it? suggestions, feedback, or any bugs?

    Thank You,
  • spanz
    The texts are threatening, but
    it's much better than I imagined.
    Very well done!
    My first impression is really good.
  • spanz
    What romanization system are you using? Look at this weird reading:
    シリーズ shiri^zu series

    I really think the readings should be in Kana. Maybe it's acceptable for level 1 users, but it's useless here.
  • spanz
    Some small bugs:

    There are many names and surnames that don't have a translation nor a dictionary entry (that's perfectly right), but look at these:

    する suru A
    いる iru The

    They don't have Dictionary button. That's strange because they are very common words, and the meaning field is obviously wrong.

    The last word in the list seems to be taken from the next sentence (wich we can't see).

  • spanz
    Never mind. I was wrong with the last bug.
    The words I didn't find are from the Title. Sorry ;P
  • spanz
    As expected, this one has not Dictionary nor Sentences button:

    智章 Satoru Shou Akira Tomo

    Satoru Shou is the reading. It matches the furigana.
    Akira Tomo is the meaning. ????
  • spanz
    This feels refreshing. I like it. :)
  • spanz
    Speaking of furigana, we don't need the reading field at all, do we?
  • beeant
    Hello spanz,

    Thank You for your good impression, I'm really glad :). Actually partly when I was making it, I have you critizing me in my mind. haha jk. But it's good though.

    Ya, actually I am also confused about those bugs. The bad translations are produced because the actual words are not found in edict. So the program I wrote will feed edict database to be more complete.

    Since those words are not found in edict, Google translate will automatically translate it. After the program gets the Japanese words and the translation from Google, then it will store them together, the Japanese word and the Google translation.

    I was thinking to ignore those words that are not found in edict. But if I think about future user colaboration, I was thinking that we can translate those words which are improperly translated. and enrich edict database from that.
    We can also work on edict in different languages too.

    I hope you can understand what I mean. What do you think? Should the program ignore those words that are not found in Edict? or Feed edict with undetected words together with the Google translation?
  • beeant
    Ya, you're right. The romaji reading is not required actually, but I was thinking those alphabet reading will printed out better in our mind depiction of words.

    I have never try this though, because I tried to force my mind to depict Japanese words with Kanji or kana.

    I'm thinking that alphabet readers mind, depict words in alphabet, while kanji readers like Chinese, and Japanese, depict words in Kanji/kana. and it takes some time to convert this way of imagining words. but I'm not sure, just my thought.
  • Gonzah
    Hey beeant! that new section looks AWESOME!!! i was seeing it, and yeah its amazing dude, nice work =)
  • beeant
    Thanks Gonzah! will you be using it?
  • StonerPenguin
    Very awesome! Seriously, I love it =D Just out of curiosity, why only quiz the vocab once?
  • beeant
    Thank you StonerPenguin!
    I'm sorry today I had to reset all vocabularies you have collected from reading.
    I will not reset it again.

    Ya, in simple words, you can only do the reading quiz once, because you will encounter the same vocabulary in other news.

    You do not have to stick in one news to learn few particular vocabularies.

    Just keep moving on, encounter with as many vocabularies as you can. The more news you read the more you will encounter with similar vocabularies in different sentence structure, and the more you learn. The more you understand the vocabulary.

    I believe that as you read another news, you will be your brain will notice the vocabularies you have encountered before. and your brain will automatically try to adjust and make connections by itself.

  • beeant
    Of course everybody may forgot and fail to notice that you have encountered with a particular vocabulary, but JCJP will help you with that by keep track of each vocabularies you encountered.
    And remind you, help you manage them. just like weak list and oblivion list.