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Hey ppl what should i learn first kanji or vocabulary first? thx in advance - Feed Post by SaintJ

Hey ppl what should i learn first kanji or vocabulary first?
thx in advance
btw nice great site
posted by SaintJ

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  • beeant
    I believe it is best if you learn them both in parallel.

    If you don't know Hiragana/Katakana yet, it is better to start to be comfortable/familiar in reading them.

    Thank You :)
  • Gonzah
    yes i think u should start with hiragana/katakana and learn it very well, then vocab&kanji; in parallel, too much practice.
    Use the practice mode (tab above) its really helpful
  • beeant
    Yes Practice mode is really fun.
    Actually, I have been developing this site for about 2-3 years, but have not got the chance to really use it. So I created a new level 1 account yesterday. And practice mode is the most fun for me.

    However, if you do not have any Japanese learning experience at all, I would recommend you to follow each chapter sequentially. Your To Do list can be your guide to learn Japanese using JCJP.

    After you are done with all the chapters, you are free to learn freely from other growing resources such as Notes, and Reading.

    Thank You,
  • karlaxwp
    Hiragana and katakana first... then vocabulary as you will know how to write (in hiragana) and speak and after you know a little bit of vocabulary and the writing systems you can start practicing kanji :D
  • SaintJ
    i learned hira n kata already
    i was just wondering if my learning method was off somewhere
    seem like doing doing kinda fine haha thx ppl
  • Shadeless
    I'd recommend you to learn kanji separately and then test them here, I used http://kanjidamage.com/ and found it much quicker than just drilling it until it sticks.
  • SaintJ
    ima try that out thx shadeless
  • kimry
    Definitely do kanji & vocab in parallel, although you don't necessarily have to do them in the same study session when you're first starting. (It becomes unavoidable I think the further your study progresses.) But doing them both re-enforces everything because you start to see the connections - "Oh, this kanji is used in this word and this word with the same pronunciation, and I see the connection in meaning now." and you can use that connection to pull the kanji or the vocab out of your memory, and begin to remember it all better. Also, I find it difficult to remember different pronunciations of the same kanji without a vocabulary word to tie it to. Of course, as everyone else says, you gotta learn hiragana & katakana first, but it sounds like you have.
  • josephj
    since vocab may have kanji in them, why not go kanji first
  • kimry
    Yes, that's part of what I mean; you really can't help learning vocab as you learn the kanji, although I have seen some systems where you memorize just the kanji, but don't learn vocab/compounds that it's used in, which I think is a bad way to go. But one thing is, there are lots of vocab words that are good to learn at a lower level, while the kanji for those words might be higher-level kanji it would be better to learn later. Beginner vocab and beginner kanji aren't always overlapping; learning to read kanji is different from reading words or even kana, it requires a kind of mental adjustment for westerners, while your brain learns how to "see" it as a meaningful pattern, so you have to start with the simple ones first. In my experience. It's better to learn some of those lower-level words now, because you need them for comprehension, then when you come across the (complicated) kanji later, you'll be able to understand it better.