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Aa Pingu da! XD Nyuu Nyuu! What have you done to poor pingu?!? - Feed Post from Mistwalker to musicoffee

Aa Pingu da! XD Nyuu Nyuu!
What have you done to poor pingu?!?
posted by Mistwalker

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  • musicoffee
    Just make pingu to be more cute~
    I wonder where I can go to buy stuff like this... >__<
  • Mistwalker
    pingu more cute as a bag?! Ebil girl :P

    Amazon have them... although they show kids wearing them ^^
  • musicoffee
    hahahaha.... jyoudan da yo

    I have the other pingu backpack that I usually use to campus.
    But wondering of using this one... I don't sure my friends will recognize me for the same age with them.

    By the way, sorry for my bad English....
  • Mistwalker
    Don't worry ^_^ I have a friend who lives in Pontianak and she is very similar to you in speech style and jokes >_> Do all Indonesian girls have that odd sense of humor? :P

    How long have you been studying Japanese?
  • musicoffee
    that odd sense is because of our different culture, right?
    I have studied since 2002. But I stopped for many years..
    Both my English and Japanese is still bad.
  • Mistwalker
    possibly... I just thought that it was her personality, but it seems not.
    gakusei desu ka? shigoto desu ka?
    ganbaru pingu-chan! ;P
  • musicoffee
    gakusei desu... Mistwalker-san wa?
    anata mo ganbatteruyo...
    issho ni benkyoushimashouu~
  • Mistwalker
    boku ha hataraku - "Local Council" (i really need to find out the japanese name for my job XD) Hopefully this September i will go to evening classes for Japanese if the course gets enough people enrolled.

    arigatou Pingu-chan. un isshouni.