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Hi Medyrius,I start to learn japanese by myself some weeks ago to be able to follow my favourite… - Feed Post from MarcusAseth to Medyrius

Hi Medyrius,I start to learn japanese by myself some weeks ago to be able to follow my favourite animes without need of subtitles,like you :) & even to play the games release only in japan :P Can I have your msn contact to ask you about japanese if I have some doubts? :)
posted by MarcusAseth

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  • Medyrius
    Sure!^^ I'm pleased to see there are people with the same goals as mines ;). Let's do our best in breaking free from the dictature of japanese and make this language our asset...

    But I have to ask you one thing before I give you my adress : Do you mean msn messenger for chatting or just a mail adress for correspondance? cuz I have to admit I'm don't use MSN messenger that much :s ...
  • MarcusAseth
    I mostly use msn or facebook,but even email it's good (even if a bit slower than a chat xD )

    Do you use facebook? =)
  • Medyrius
    Zannen da ga, facebook mo chittomo tsukawanai... :(

    How about we simply use this site's commentbox? It works like facebook comments and there are notifications too...
  • MarcusAseth
    well,if it's ok for you,then is ok to me!:D
  • Medyrius
    It's fine for me ;)
  • MarcusAseth
    then here my first question :) How do you learn the Japanese,I mean,what you think would be a good way for me to start learning the Japanese? Actually my idea was to play an rpg in Japanese so I choose to play a game called Suikoden 1 ,I spent almost 5 hours to translate each word on the menu,then when I talk to one character in the game I was completely lost,even if was all written in hiragana :(
    So for sure,I am not ready for play a japanese game yet.. :(
    Actually I can read hiragana & katakana & I know something like 10-15 kanji & 10 words :( what you suggest me to do now to continue learning japanese? ...damn,is like if there is a giant stonewall that separete me from the understanding of japanese :( ...I need to know where is the weak spot,to start destroying the wall from there :P
  • Medyrius
    Hee Omoshiroi janai ka...

    I think the first thing you need to learn a language all by yourself is patience...
    And from what you told me, I kinda feel like you rushed straight for it without learning some basic grammar...
    If my guess is right then my first advice to you is to have some grammar lessons while you learn vocabulary and kanjis...

    To tell you the truth, when I first suscribed on this website, there was a grammar section included in the lessons, it's not the case anymore but the grammar guide was just another website you can still find out there...

    I spent half of this year to go through all of it, little by little and I can tell you this : knowing some grammar helped me a lot and made it easier for me to learn japanese.
    Besides I discovered that japanese grammar is not complicated at all and it's very narrow compared to french and spanish lol...

    Now I'm focusing on learning a lot of vocabulary and kanjis in this entertaining website which lets you learn things gradually...
    After I complete all this site's data, I'm planning to go over again through the grammar lessons to have an even better understanding of it and I'm sure it's gonna feel way easier since I'll have a lot of vocab and kanji knowledge...

    That's about all that is to my technique of learning ^^
    At my current level I can tell I'm about 35% free of subs in the animes I watch, so I'm still "mada mada dane..." lol
    As for japanese games, what it takes is reading skills, so you can't do without a lot of kanji and vocab knowledge... That's why I'm still using patches ^^... But I'm aiming for it for sure! Just some years away though :s

  • MarcusAseth
    Understood,thanks for your answer :D lol,sometimes I forget that the patience is the key for almost everything xD
    I go to look for this grammar site then :)
  • Medyrius
    Anytime ;)
    I think there are plenty of grammar guides online but the one I used was http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/complete

  • MarcusAseth
    Thanks for the link Medyrius,I am alternating the reading of that grammar guide with some reading & kanji/vocabulary learning :)

    Actually,I am trying to understand a sentence,can you help me? :P

    The sentence is "どうした? マルコ   きんちょうしているのか?" If I have understand right it is:
    どうした? マルコ = what's wrong Marco?

    緊張し = nervous

    but I can't figure out the meaning of "ているのか?" ,I suspect that is some grammatical thing explained later on on the grammar link,right?
  • Medyrius
    Sono toori desu. There's some grammar rules you have there ^^.
    2 grammar rules from what I can tell... And there, as you said, rules you'll learn in that guide ;) Obenkyou de gambarinasai!

    First, there's "ている".
    "ている" is affixed to verbs to make them into the continuous form... Actually the "て" in "ている" is part of the verb itself when the verb is put into what's called the "TE-form".
    To make it a simple equation, continuous form = verb in "TE-form" + "いる".
    For example, the "TE-form" of the verb taberu (to eat) is tabeTE. So tabeTEIRU becomes eatING...

    The second part is "のか".
    Basically "か" is just a ending-phrase particle that implies a question... Like "Daijoobu desu ka?" Are you all right?

    But the "の" in "のか" is used for asking a question while expecting some explanation in the answer...
    For example, if the question was just : どうした? マルコ   きんちょうしているか? without the の, the answer could be a simple yes or no but since there was the "の" which implies an explication within the answer, the answer should be something like "yes, I'm nervous because...."

    So きんちょうしているのか?is something like "Are you (being) nervous?" But the one to answer this question must provide some explanation as to why he is nervous or not...

  • MarcusAseth
    Grat,now is all clear!!! :D & is even more clear that I nee to go deeper & deeper in the grammar link you gave me xD

    Thx again :P
  • Medyrius
    Douitashimashita ;)
    I felt the same way about it...
    The deeper you go the less you feel like japanese is all sooo complicated ^^


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