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@Medyrius somehow i cant see our conversation anymore xD.. anyway.. its really… - Feed Post by Hiba

@Medyrius somehow i cant see our conversation anymore xD..
anyway.. its really interesting! How long did u need to be so good in japanese?? or in other words since when did u start learning japanese :) ?

Hai, i love Art ^^ .. u can see some of my works in this site ^^ http://godsgift89.deviantart.com/ but just so u know, i'm really not so good, i have a long way to go to be a good artist >.< ..

I dont like reading books xD .. but it doesnt meean that i didnt read one ever :P ..

It's not that i dont like sports.. it's just that hmmm how should i say it.. wakaranai xD.. i like Badminton :D but i didnt play it for a long time now.. but it was my fav. sport, if u call it sport :P
posted by Hiba

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  • Medyrius
    LMAO! It so funny that badminton is one the sports I'm most critical about XD! I don't even consider it a sports. :P but it's only my opinion...

    There's some kind of bug that prevents Kelly-chan from using the comments so she makes posts instead which result in the other posts being pushed out... ^^
    You can find the conversation in your profile->comment-box. It's always in the comment-box of the one who started it ;)

    WHOA! is that your drawing? You're being modest I guess but it's really something!! I used to draw when I was younger but I was way from being this good. I wonder what it's gonna be if your improve o_O

    Well about Jap, I've been into it for about 3 years... almost 4 but I only started the serious learning last year... and like I said, that grammar guide kind of saved me and made me want to learn even more... I was really fascinated by the logic that's behind japanese... It's so different from latine languages...

  • Hiba
    sorry for the late reply >_<!

    Thanks^^, but i'm not being modest, i really mean it xD .. when i see others great work then i become jealous of them XD.. maybe my drawings r somehow good, but for me not as good as the drawings from them >_<..
    every time i look at my work, i will see new mistakes :P..

    Wow.. in just one year u improved ur japanese .. sugoi desu ne~~ O.o!!! i'm so jealous LOL XD..
  • Medyrius
    It's OK! Don't worry ;)
    Well that only means that you still have room to improve... It's a good thing... I just hope that this feeling doesn't affect your motivation in exploiting your potential...

    Dakara Gambarinasai ne ;)

    Wemm from what I learned, I can tell Japanese grammar is very simple to learn... It's more simple than english and dutch. So I'm sure you'll learn No problem ;)

    Since you're taking japanese courses this year, I would advice you read the japanese guide I used...
    It's very helpy and suitable for biginers...
    Here it is : http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/complete
    I took my time in learning it, about 1 or 2 lessons per week is enough.
  • Hiba
    Thanks for the link =D
    i will take a look and gonna try it out ^.^
    hope it will help me too ^o^