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Medzrius-san, can u help me please with something? I have shukudai.. and i have this… - Feed Post from Hiba to Medyrius

Medzrius-san, can u help me please with something?
I have shukudai.. and i have this sentence that i need to translate into japanese:
I often ate hamburger when i was a child.
my translation is:

is it right like this?
posted by Hiba

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  • Medyrius
    It's good ;)
    Just a couple of remarks though :

    - I think the adverb "yoku" should come right before the action. So I'd rather say, "yoku hambaagaa o tabemashita"

    - You don't have to say 私は but I were to use it, I'd place it after defining the time context "Kodomo no toki"

    So your japanese lessons have started... ^^
    Nanka netamashii desu yo!
  • Hiba
    そですか。 わかった。
    How about this one?
    Takeshi did not study much when he was in high school.


    え? ねたましい? どうひたのーー? きみの日本語はいいですよーー!
  • Medyrius
    Same remark about the adverb "amari"... It should be placed right
    before the action of studying.

    I forgot to mention something : you should add the "ni" preposition after the time context when you're writing, it's Ok if you're speaking though...
    Tatoieba, "Kodomo no toki ni" ya "Koukou no toki ni"...

    I'm wondering if you were asked to use the polite form for verbs...(the mase/masen form)
    I'm asking that because I'd rather say "amari benkyoushinakatta" for this sentence. Which is the formal version...

    netamashii means envious... I meant to say that I was envious about your japanese official lessons ;)
    Most of the words I use, I pick them from http://jisho.org
    It's rather easy to speak when you can find words easily hihi, sor ga ore no himitsu ;)

  • Hiba
    ah yeah, u r right.. i forgot about "nakatta" xD.. well, we used both of them "nakatta" and "masendeshita" ..

    thanks alot for ur help :D

    hai, i understood what u meant.. i know that netamashii means envious ;)
    thats why, i meant: why envious? ur japanese is good, u dont need any classes ;D .
  • Medyrius
    Oh gomen-gomen, warui wa ore kara da ^^'

    Well I'm envious because I want to be taught japanese properly by a teacher... That way, you have access to exercices and others hints to develop faster... Sore ni, jugyou de nihongo o benkyou no hou wa motto tanoshii to omou yo...

    I'm glad I could help ;)
    Feel free to ask me whenever, it helps me progress too ;)