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Hi there Kira girl ;) Wat's up? - Feed Post from Medyrius to Rose1004

Hi there Kira girl ;)
Wat's up?
posted by Medyrius

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  • Rose1004
    hey there near :P I just started learning japanese and since I see you're have almost gained mastery I was wondering if you could guide me? :P
  • Medyrius
    Well I wouldn't call myself a master yet, I'm actually very far away from that titlte ^^'
    But I'd be pleased to help you whenever I can ;)

    Feel free to ask me wathever you like ;)
  • Rose1004
    arigatou gozaimasu :D
  • Medyrius
    Orei ni wa oyobimasen ;)

    Tokoro de, I'm curious to know why seem you prefer Kira over the genius boys?

    It's not that I don't like him - I actually kind of admire him *_* - but generally I choose to represent good over evil...
  • Rose1004
    Oh haha well you see I never saw as Kira being evil I saw him as being misguided because in the beginning his true intentions were to cleanse the world its just the way that things turned out made him seem evil
    And don't get me wrong I like Near too but it's just something about Kira that I like more :)
  • Medyrius
    Yea I totally agree that Light's been placed in a position he had to do some dirty works... And he was seldon given the choice... It's some kind of self-defense and he always did it with class and cool ^^

    To think that he failed only because of the second Kira's fault reminds me how brilliant he was...
  • Rose1004
    yeah i was upset at that but I knew that the anime would end with him dying I just wish it was L who outsmarted him...
    I like near though how he's always with his toys xD
  • Medyrius
    That's right! To be honest, the first time I saw the boys I couldn't help thinking they were gonna be a piece of cake for light...
    I'm sure kira himself would have prefered being outsmarted by L whom he admired and considered his equal rather than Near whom he was underestimating a bit... ^^

    By the way, according to your impression, who'd you say was smarter between light and ryuzaki?
  • Rose1004
    I actually thought from the start that they would probably be equal in intellect or there would be no story but i felt like at first they both thought they were smarter than the other i really like both of them I was so sad when L died :( They were both equal in smartness to me :)

    What did you think?
  • Medyrius
    Well, what I think is one of them was one step above.
    Actually, back to when I was watching the anime, I constantly had the feeling that L was a little bit superior due to his experience of being a detective... Besides he was always outsmarting light's plans and force him to use backup strategies...
    I guess I had that feeling due to the fact that light was the one on the defensive... L was daringly suspecting him after all...

    On the other hand, I was utterly impressed by light who always managed to find how to counter the disasters which, in my opinion, requires even more intellectual abilities...

    Now if you ask me, I'd say they were ABOUT equal but there's no way to be sure who was one step above since L is dead... :(