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Hi there ^^ I kind of admire your commitment in your using JCJP this last month...… - Feed Post from Medyrius to aoi_haru

Hi there ^^
I kind of admire your commitment in your using JCJP this last month...

I'm Medyrius, but you can call me med, yoroshiku.

Keep up the good work ;)
posted by Medyrius

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  • aoi_haru
    Thank you... I’m Aoi.
    Looks like I have some problems with comments and some commands. My browser keeps giving me error messages. Is this just my problem or this site works not at 100%?
  • Medyrius
    Nice to meet you Aoi!
    From what I know, we can say it works 100% on firefox only...
  • aoi_haru
    I switched on Firefox… and looks like is working properly now. Thanks for the tip.
  • aoi_haru
    Hi Med, I've a question for you... This word 工場 (factory) is associated with こうば in tests but pronounced こうじょう (google). So? What do you think? What's the right form? Thanks. Aoi.
  • Medyrius
    Hi Aoi, hisashiburi ^^
    Both are actually correct here. There are lots of words like this for which many kanji readings are allowed...
    e.g : 毎月 = まいげつ = まいつき

    The admin probably knew that putting many correct answers in a single-choice test would mislead people, I think that's why he chose only one ...
  • aoi_haru
    “There are lots of words like this for which many kanji readings are allowed...”
    You really encouraged me ;-) Thanks. Well, I’ll keep trying then…
    There is a problem unrelated with the previous. If I find a kanji that I don’t know – a printed one, in a book – how can I find it in a dictionary? There is a long explanation regarding the number of strokes bit I couldn’t understand it. Have you found an understandable way to solve this problem?
  • Medyrius
    Stroke counting can be very meticulous if fact... The best method I know of for kanji look up is Radical Identification, but sometimes, it's just not that easy to break down a kanji to it's various parts...
    The the main difficulty is that some radicals can have different FORMS when placed in different kanjis, which can make them hard to recognize immediately.

    The online jisho I use, www.jisho.org, has a feature called "Kanji by Radicals" that lets you pick among all the existing radicals the ones that your kanji seems to be made of. Results propositions are refreshed every time you pick one.
    Note that when you click on a radical it becomes yellow-highlighted and all the non-possible combinations for that radical are grayed, which helps a lot. ^^
    Give it a try and let me know if it helps ;)
  • aoi_haru
    Wow... looks good and too easy to be true.
    I've tried first with a known kanji to find out how it works. It is quite simple and offers a lot of details - even the stroke order and associated dictionary numbers (uf!). I like it. It is definitely easier to find the kanji when you can reduce constantly the number of possibilities.
    But, I have to tell you something: you’ll be in trouble because next time when I'll need help, I’ll bother you again. ;))) Thanks.
  • Medyrius
    Haha, I'll be looking forward to it, I like it being bothered with japanese so don't hesitate :p
  • aoi_haru
    Hi there...
    Looks like I have a problem with the tests. If I try to complete a test from Level 5 (ex. Vocabulary Chapter 51), the test will stop at the same step no matter how many times I repeat it... Still, I can use tests from Level 4 or lower. Is there a problem with the site? Have you heard something?
    Do you have an explanation for this?
  • Medyrius
    Konbanha Aoi-chan ^^
    I just tried Vocab Chap 51 Test and it went OK for me...

    But I think there may in fact be a problem with tests, another user, Onna_Lee, also echoed something about tests not ending the other day...

    I'll report this to B-san right away, hope he'll find what's wrong :s...
  • aoi_haru
    Thank you, Med. ;)