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ds0560: Thanks a lot for bullying me but such comment was not really necessary. - Feed Post by Napoedge

Thanks a lot for bullying me but such comment was not really necessary.
why? because my comment was for spanish speaking people.when you bully me you express your HATE for spanish speaking people.is it true?? i didn't do anything to you and you immediately troll me.of course i can speak both japanese and english so this is the english version for the japanese messege.please, every day from now respect the foreigns ,the latin american and your senpai.
posted by Napoedge

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  • ds0560
    I don't hate spanish speaking people. I just think it's impolite if no one else is speaking spanish. I don't see anybody else typing their foreign languages. For those who don't speak spanish it can make them feel left out. If you are gonna type in spanish you can also translate it to Japanese.
  • ds0560
    There is a spanish speaking group. I feel like we all come together here to see what we have in common. And that is that we are learning Japanese. You don't want others to feel left out do you?
  • Napoedge
    Well as you speak to me it was like a troll,you don't regret yourself even now? of couse all we can speak our lenguage as you are speaking english why can't spkeak the 3th most spoken lenguage? if you fell out of course i can translate all i write,or you can learn spanish of course =D.i don't mind when i'm out ,and when there is other lenguage, why i will say "baka" to a unknown people? i ALWAYS respect the other and i speak you KEIGO.i you feel left you didn't need to sayme baka or say how i must laught.
  • ds0560
  • ds0560
  • Napoedge