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i cant read kanji well :( how suppose we read kanji anyway? is there a… - Feed Post by haruyan

i cant read kanji well :(
how suppose we read kanji anyway?
is there a clue to read a kanji?
like kanji "kasa" its pictured like an umbrella......
posted by haruyan

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  • shairn
    As far as I know, kanji readings have to be remembered the hard way, though I haven't gotten to the second RTK book yet, which teaches the readings. Until then, I suggest sticking to JCJP's kanji tests, it should give you a good foundation for the on and kun readings for each kanji.
  • slawyn
    here's a site I am using to learn them .By radicals.It's so much easier and fun
    www.kanjidamage.com tho some jokes may be a bit too vulgar.
  • Medyrius
    Sono toori... Learning kanji by radicals is very helpful. Basically, radicals will allow you to recognize a kanji by its parts (or its form).
    There's less than 200 of them if i'm not mistaken... Bid deal...

    When it comes to reading though, there's no choice, you have to encrust every kanji's readings in your memory... But that easy to say, not to do so gambatte ne...
  • slawyn
    Yeah,also there are so-called "strong" radicals and 99% of kanji constisting of them have the same On-reading.That's a little cheat you can apply when you have a hard time remembering the on.
  • haruyan
    arigatou gozaemasu...
  • Aarowaim
    Another tip: memorizing them by the general meaning (compare the words that use the kanji) will make it easier to read them, even when you don't know the reading.

    It also makes a good foundation to start remembering readings... kanji is a thing that should be learnt piece by piece, because the same kanji can have multiple readings. As you encounter it used in new ways, you'll get used to them. I've just started being able to 'guess' the readings of kanji I know when I see them in new words.