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Conversation transfer : We're polluting Saiya's post ^^ Apart from… - Feed Post from Medyrius to zeto

Conversation transfer : We're polluting Saiya's post ^^

Apart from ActionScript, I've also been initiated to those languages... I have a preference for Java which is just too cool ^^
In addition I've taken up c#, Asp.NET and Python this year...

Android's on my list too for sure, I feel kind of excited about it, I really feel like I' going to like it ^^

So far I'd not really been associating my programming study with my Japanese dreams...
But it sure woud be nice to find some opportunities in Japan, it's a very exciting thought ^^

So you plan on putting you programming skills on the japanese market?
posted by Medyrius

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  • zeto
    It is highly likely that I would be aiming for a permanent residence or even Japanese citizenship. After all, it's my ambition. But I don't have to rush things. Prior to my ambition, I would make sure I have already obtained the sufficient assets, abilities, job experiences in order for me to obtain an independent and fruitful living in Japan. I am willingly ready to renounce my Filipino citizenship (unlike most OFWs here who only obtain working visa).

    As for my programming skills, my main specialization is databases with a mix in programming and software engineering. My preferred programming language is also Java. With your knowledge in Java you would most likely feel at home when you got started in Android programming. I am also willing to make significant contributions to Japan by means of my specialization; or better if it is outside of my specialization. But all things must be planned carefully. That's why I consider learning the Japanese language as a pre-requisite and a building block to the foundation of my career.

  • Medyrius
    That's really sounds like a good plan... Wish you good luck in fulfilling your ambition ;)

    You've already travelled to Japan once?