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Oy! I just saw you failed vocab test! What happened? - Feed Post from Medyrius to Saiya

Oy! I just saw you failed vocab test!
What happened?
posted by Medyrius

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  • Saiya
    lol i was watching a video lol Temporary lapse of concentration that spiraled out of control lol
  • Medyrius
    AH sokka, you had me worried... Thought you were like... rushing things ^^

    Soreyori, let's continue our conversation about bleach here.

    Oh you're so lucky, I've never been to things like anime or video game convention... Must be soo cool!
    It's too bad Senegalese people aren't very interested into animes... I must be the only guy to watch animes in my town! xD

    So you recognized the numbers, did you also recognize the characters they represent? The Gotei 13 captains...
  • Saiya
    hai, that was back when i was watching the episodes. My favorite number in kanji is four 四 I like the way it looks. My favorite capt in the show episodes 1-104 anyway was of course Toshiro Hitsugaya his Daiguren Hyorinmaru was just awesome. I have no idea what happened after 104 so cant tell if id still like him or not.
  • Medyrius
    I can guarantee you will ;)
    Generally I like all the captains but my favorite is Zaraki! lol
    I like the way he enjoys fighting and doesn't care about anything else...
    But for some reason, you can't just find a picture of him without a mad face, so I'd rather use the kawaii hitsugaya as my profile picture lol

    No seriouly, you must continue watching bleach when you have time, if you've enjoyed it to episode 104, I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest...
  • Saiya
    okies I will start as soon as a finish this last mushy mushy girly anime LOL. I found some cool fan art of zaraki.
  • Saiya
    ill add the zaraki pix to my photo collection, cant figure out how to add them to the convo outside of forums
  • Medyrius
    hoho nice! A chance they're not too scary cuz you can't remove a pic once you've posted it :P
    Must speak to the admin for that...

    Is that you on the other picture?
  • Saiya
    the blue haired chick is me /giggle
  • Medyrius
    Stylish color ;) I like it ^^
    You did it for some particular occasion?
  • Saiya
    No occasion, I call it my mid-life crisis LOL. I had always wanted to do it but always had some reason I told myself I couldnt, I woke up one morning and said to myself that there was no time like the present. Went and did it and loved it. I enjoyed looking on the outside a bit more like I feel on the inside, different.
  • Medyrius
    Waw, sorry for commenting sooo late but your last phrase is so cool that I was like No comment!
    I wish I could be that daring ^^