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A fellow Canadian! I'm from NS how about you man? - Feed Post from delenir to dantdanner1

A fellow Canadian! I'm from NS how about you man?
posted by delenir

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  • dantdanner1
    Ah ha! Now i see how yo login. Yes Canadian here from Ontario. How long have you been learning Japanese? I could write in japanese but my phone does not aupport it right now.
  • delenir
    A few years now, getting progressively more serious about it. I'd say I'm lower intermediate, so some of the vocab to go through on the site is a bit tedious, but otherwise the site is fantastic!
  • dantdanner1
    yeah! Its tons of fun. Have you tried any other sites such as lang8? I would like to speak more Japanese, currently I try to keep diaries and I often explain what I am doing in japanese, and then check it later with some google translate. Not sure of the accuracy of google translate and it does not seem to know colloquial japanese well enough. still, not bad as a dictionary of sorts.
  • delenir
    I do use Lang-8 but mostly for French since I'm advanced with that, it's my heritage language.
  • dantdanner1
    Ah thats is cool! so you know english french and some japanese too? well done sir. i am simultaneously learning french. Though i end up using japanese verbs in french sentences. becomes confusing! both are tough; both are fun!
  • delenir
    Indeed!! French is my heritage language, so I'm basically rediscovering the language. It can be encouraging with Japanese actually, because it shows me that yes it is more than possible to be multilingual :)