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ムスリムの皆さん、ラマダン終了でおめでとうございます! 流れた一ヶ月の恵みで、今までの我々の罪を許されるように。 - Feed Post by Medyrius



Congratulations to all the muslims for completing ramadan!
We hope god shall forgive us all our sins, by the great blessings of this past month.
I wish a long and healthy life to everyone, so we can do ramadan over and over, as many times as possible...
posted by Medyrius

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  • Saiya
    I did not know you were Muslim, congratulations on completing the month. I have always wondered if Ramadan is very much like Lent. As Im from a middle of nowhere Baptist Texas town, I dont know much about either but I know nothing about Ramadan other than both involve fasting for a period of time. Im afraid I would lack the discipline needed to withhold yummy food from myself /giggle. Neither have anything to do with Japanese so I dont want Beanto to come yelling at me /giggle. At least you were cool enough to write it in Nihongo, one day I hope to be able to do the same.
  • Saiya
    correction: Beeant lol not Beanto
  • Medyrius
    Thanks! In my country, the tradition when the month's over is to exchange forgiveness with friends, family, neighbours, etc. and wish that we all live enough to attend next year's ramadan, the same is done by the Christians when they finish Lent period...

    That's what i was trying to share ^^, I wonder if they do the same in other countries...

    And for the nihongo version, it took me like 40 minutes to pull it out, thanks to some grammar knowledge, some expression research and a damn good jisho, i'm sure you can do the same if you give it a try ;)
  • Saiya
    thanks i think I just have self confidence issues... as if there is a girl alive who doesnt eh? ;o) Well I dont have anything to forgive you for so Ill just say good luck in making it to next years ramadan and maybe one day we will run into each other in this small world of ours ;)
  • Medyrius
    I hope so too ^^