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I hope that someday this site will also have grammar lessons... - Feed Post by Aniumixie

I hope that someday this site will also have grammar lessons...
posted by Aniumixie

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  • Medyrius
    That would be nice indeed ;)
  • Saiya
    Yeah I think that would be great as well. Right now though Im still on LVL 1 kanji lol.
  • shairn
    Grammar lessons would be amazing. We can only donate and hope that Beeant-san will grant our wishes :P
  • Michelin
    Yeah, I'm new here so I'm having trouble understanding the navigation of the site. I'm having trouble finding where you learn new words and sentences on this site tho. :/
  • Aniumixie
    You can learn new words from the "Lessons" area which's link is under the site's logo. :)
  • HikariFox
  • Michelin
    Domo arigato gozaimasu!
  • Aniumixie
    Dou itashimashite. :)
  • zeto
    grammar lessons can wait. what i'm more interested in is on more levels of grammar and kanji.
  • Aniumixie
    It would be cool if there would be new chapters on vocab and kanji every week. :P
  • zeto
  • Aniumixie
  • past_perfect
    Moar! MOAR words and kanji! >:3
  • Aniumixie
    Yeah! \(>▽<)/
  • shairn
    Beeant-san promised us a level 7 once enough people reach level 6. At this point we should need less than ten more people.
  • Yagami_Light
    I honestly think that the more intense and in detail this program gets, the longer I will stay with this website and even donate if the level gets really intense with more grammar, verbs and things.. etc