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Moshi-moooshi! :) Just hoping u're doing fine and everything's under control... - Feed Post from Medyrius to Saiya

Moshi-moooshi! :)
Just hoping u're doing fine and everything's under control...

Peace ;)
posted by Medyrius

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  • Saiya
    Arigatou, genki desu! It has been a long time since I have been in school and it started a few weeks ago. A lot of things like study methods Im having to relearn. I hope once I get the hang of it Ill be able to lvl up my JCJP.
  • Medyrius
    Ki ni shinakute ii yo, JCJP no koto nante...
    Academic study's way more efficient, after that you'll be able to lvl up here in no time ;)
  • Saiya
    I like the new picture, what is it from?
  • Medyrius
    Yo, hisashiburi! ^^
    I'd decided to take a break from JCJP for a while... Haven't been around for weeks ^^
    How are u and how's class going?

    This is "Hiken no Ace", a very cool martyred persona from One Piece...

    BTW, I started watching Ao no exorcist and it's awsomely cool, exactly the kind of anime I love ^^, reminds me that I'm still waiting for the rest of your anime list, hope u didn't forget :p
  • Saiya
    oh shoot i did forget lol, its been a crazy few months lol. Ill compile it soon. Have you seen Sword Art Online... if youve ever played an MMO its the best anime ever /giggle
  • Medyrius
    I'll give it a shot, thx for the info ;)
    Hey, about the Sandy stuff, I do hope u've been spared... How was it?
  • Medyrius
    I just watched Episode 1 and it's just WOW! I love it!! It reminds me of Hunter X Hunter but this one is way more similar to a classic MMO...

    I hope we can play like that someday (2022 maybe), but with no risk of dying of course ^^
  • Saiya
    /giggle yeah that would be cool, but I am always a magic user, either a priest or mage style character.. I dont do melee /giggle thats what a meat shield is for HAHA. Im actually on the other side of the country, Washington State so I didnt have any trouble. Thank you for being concerned.
  • Medyrius
    Yakatta na! ^^
    Tokoro de, who are u going to vote for?

    Yea, it's a pity that magic isn't included...
    It was so funny when the game showed their real appearances and half of the cute girls turned out to be guys actually LOL!
  • Saiya
    Oh I know it was so funny, the one guy looked over and the hot girl was a skinny nerd and he says "you said you were a girl!" and the skinny nerd looks at him and says "you said you were 17!" LOL too funny. I actually think Kirito looks better as his natural self rather than his avatar.

    As for politics I voted for Obama... the alternative of course is pretty scary... would send us back to the 1950's and Im not looking forward to that. I hope the American people choose correctly tomorrow but I have little faith in the people of this country...every year Americans get fatter and dumber /sigh
  • Medyrius
    Fatter and dumber LOL!
    Well I hope so too, I'd vote Obama cuz I like him, I've like politics much anyway, even my own country :D

    Soreyori, how's japanese course going, do you feel like u're making some real progress lately?
  • Saiya
    Hai, watashi wa nihongo ga sukoshi hanashimasu, demo mada jouzo ja arimasen. ii desuyo, nihongo da daisuki desu. Tanoshine! Im on the road to becoming fluent which is great.
  • Medyrius
    Sono choushi da! Sono mama ganbaritsuzukete ne ;)

    Congrats Obama! ^^
    There must be less dumds than u feared, LOL
  • Saiya
    LOL yeah thankfully... I slept incredibly well. I was at the gym when they announced it and couldnt help but cheer out loud /giggle.
  • Medyrius
    The baseball(or was it baskerball?) team curse's been broken then ^^
    Besides, 2012's been a year of falling presidents but Obama stays in the "Baraque"!
    (Word play : Baraque mean House in french LOL)

    U're right about Kirito, he really looks better than his avatar...
    I wonder if SAO's going to be a long run anime... I wish it could last a little, there's 100 floors after all... Do u have some info about that?
  • Saiya
    Im so not giving you any spoilers... beg all you want /giggle you won't get anything out of me ;o)
  • Medyrius
    Naraba Google no ojiisan ni kiitemiyou kana hihihi :P
  • Saiya
    wakarimasen, eiga wo kudasai Medyrius senpai
  • Medyrius
  • Saiya
    eigo... gomen nasai
  • Medyrius
    Oh sokka!! :D Baka ore...
    Jya, I just said that I'd go ask gramp's Google since u don't want to spoil some info :P
  • Saiya
    Silly just watch the show, it is worth the wait.
  • Medyrius
    That's right, I was just kidding u know, I'm too lazzy to google that kind of info ^^
    But they'd better make it last a little, I think there's much room for adventure in the anime...
  • Saiya
    Its a great show I just watched ep 19 of Sword Art Online. Its getting a bit more... chick flick... but I still love it!
  • Medyrius
    Yo! ^^
    I think I finally understood what u meant by "MORE Chick Flick" lol
    But I don't mind it at all, I watch 5 animes at the same time (One ep a day) so it's perfect having one with some romantic content...

    Shikashi kirito no yatsu ha... maji de un ga ii yatsu da na...
    urayamashii yo na :D