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Started working 10 hour days... get home and am too tired to think straight, can't even do a… - Feed Post by NumberTwo

Started working 10 hour days... get home and am too tired to think straight, can't even do a proper review of the chapter tests.

Anyone got any tips for jumpstarting a tired brain?
posted by NumberTwo

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  • dondon
    try coffee or chocolates. works for me, although it'll last for a short while only. :p
  • Jadore_Violet
    It's probably not a good idea to push yourself too hard if you are exausted. mabe rather than a whole chapter test just try and get through the 20 practice questions for your atendance then do some proper study on a weekend or day of.
    Remember that sleep,nutrition and over all health is important not just for your body but for your brain and you cannot reach your minds full potential if exausted or unhealthy.
  • barusamikosu
    It's probably better if you move the bulk of your study to an earlier part of the day. If I have to work in the morning, I get up a few hours early to review and study new things. Time after work can then be spent doing something less taxing like reading or listening to Japanese.
  • NumberTwo
    Good advice, all. My morning routine is unfortunately set in stone--it's when I take care of the previous day's housework.

    And though I'd like to set aside study until the weekend, it's just not how I learn things. ;)  I am the type who has to constantly pound my head against whatever it is I'm learning until something sticks. If I took seven days off between chapters, I'd forget everything I learned.

    I have, though, decided to start a new after-work routine: a long hot shower followed by a two hour nap, then study until dinner. It worked today... we'll have to see if it continues to help.

    Thanks for the good advice and がんばってみんなさんと私!
  • Jadore_Violet
    sounds like a plan good luck :)
  • barusamikosu
    It's good that you're staying dedicated, and not letting real life take Japanese away from you. I think you're going to be alright. がんばって!
  • tamamiko
    at least have a one word vocabulary or kanji to be memorize a day.
  • NumberTwo
    Thanks for the encouragement everybody. I ain't giving in, but I think I may slay down a bit so that my poor brain doesn't throw in the towel.

  • jturningpin
    I would recommend studying #before# you go to work, instead of trying to do so after you get home all brain-blasted and just want to rest. Also, do you work out? Everyone's different, but personally, I think it does wonders for mental and physical stamina.

    I've been there, strapped to the work chair 10-12 hours (or more) a day at a time. Working out/studying first thing in the morning made a big difference for me. Maybe it could for you, too.