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How is the stat percentage in the profile computed? - Feed Post by zeto

How is the stat percentage in the profile computed?
posted by zeto

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  • Shizuru
    100 - ((Incorrect/Correct)*100)

  • zeto
    using that formula, in order for me to get an A in kanji with 602 mistakes I need 15,050 correct answers and each mistake will increase required correct answers by 25, amirite?.
  • Shizuru
    Ahh if that's what you want there's an easier way.

    Okies, an A=95% right?

    Therefore you can afford to get 5% incorrect.

    5% = 5/100 = 1/20.
    5% in your case is equal to 602.

    602*20 = 12040

    And using
    100 - ((602/12040)*100) = 95%

    The percentage is technically a ratio, so each mistake will increase the required correct answers.

    The ratio changes every time you submit an answer whether correct or incorrect so there's no fixed number like 25. It may be 25 now, but a few answers later go down to 24 or up to 26.

    I'm not that great at maths so there's probably an easier way to do it. But this method seems to work.

    Hope this helps (and hope it's correct. I suck at maths xD)

  • zeto
    Ah so it was 95% not 96%. Evidently, I suck at meths even more. But I don't agree that the ratio is not fixed. If the percentage for getting an A is 95% then 20 is the fixed number of correct answers for every mistake. The ratio doesn't change because you are just getting a 5 percentage (mistakes) from a linear value (correct answers).
  • Shizuru
    Ya technically 20/1 is the ratio if you start at 95%.

    However, as your trying to reach 95% you must exceed a 20/1 ratio to get there is what I was trying to say.

    I was kinda figuring it out as I went so sorry for the confusion.